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Unlikely Company - Alpha 1

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Friends, Enemies, and those of you that can never tell the difference,   To fill a void and to test our might I'm calling on past and present Shadowbane guilds to unite from Alpha 1 under the banner

Fugger is correct. If there isn't a "Guild System" in Alpha 1, it will not effect guild play.  If you think you need guild management tabs to run a guild, you need to learn to voice com.  If you're no

Ya, all the old timer SB players with bad twitch times can be dedicated crafters. We'll build a castle home for you guys where you can hand make fine wooden amish wears.     That'll be a very depre

Looks like Alpha 2 for my and mine.. I really think the Shadowbane community should all work together and show these PvP deprived MMO'ers how it use to be done! > :D


Edit: Went with Alpha 1 on my main account. Will be streaming Crowfall on http://www.twitch.tv/GamingExports/

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lol ok.. I wonder if I'll still be able to steal directly from people's inventories.. hrmmm

;)Twitch - Twitter


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Alpha 1 :D

you guys take asian right? :mellow:  former member from a Hongkonger guild

let's give some lessons to who haven't experienced SB before B)

most of them from general forum are just having too much fantasy in their preferred initial archetype and ignore the survivability. LOL

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Would like to be in on Alpha-2.

Played SB; 2003 on War Server, 2004-05 on Mourning, 2006-07 on Vindy.

Played a few other MMO, currently just dipping toes into SBEmu.

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I don't think I could claim to be a true Shadowbaner, having only played on Thurin in the dying gasps of SB all those years ago.
I do remember lots of fun, and lots of cool people, and the week and a bit I played on SBEmu only reinforced that. Count me and my Beta 6 in!

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Hardcore gamer & tabletop enthusiast. Enjoys roleplaying, pretending to be stupid, and one-sided fun.

Goodposting 101: How to Keep the Forums Clean

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After the skill system info from yesterday, it looks like character building decisions will be very important. If it takes 2-3 months to build up a complete character (assuming a complete character would want to max multiple skills), you don't want to gimp your initial choices.


With VIP, you can train skills on three characters at once, so no reason to have fewer than three characters to start.


I think my first will be a crafter, probably a dwarf, just so I can have a way of crafting crafting basic gear for myself and friends- aside from crafting I think I'd play him as a melee DPS if they have a promotion option along those lines.


My others will probably be a elken scout, with a stealth related promotion class, and either a confessor or some other caster class.

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After thinking about it, I'd guess the passive skill training would be accelerated during alpha, at least if they want to get any meaningful data on how things will work after a few months of training.

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Honestly , I'm having a hard time droping cash on the game right now ... My investment in "concept games " is already too damn high this year .


500 bucks for a char slot , some personal kingdom poorly made socks I don't really understand and the honor of play testing the most borked version of the game isn't that appealing to me . 


Regardless some SD's will be along sooner or later and will happily team up with UC to keep the murder train going while you NA slack's catch some Zzz's .

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