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Unlikely Company - Alpha 1

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Friends, Enemies, and those of you that can never tell the difference,   To fill a void and to test our might I'm calling on past and present Shadowbane guilds to unite from Alpha 1 under the banner

Fugger is correct. If there isn't a "Guild System" in Alpha 1, it will not effect guild play.  If you think you need guild management tabs to run a guild, you need to learn to voice com.  If you're no

Ya, all the old timer SB players with bad twitch times can be dedicated crafters. We'll build a castle home for you guys where you can hand make fine wooden amish wears.     That'll be a very depre

Fine... I just got alpha 1. Haha. Since SB was so questy, we're going to roleplay a lot right? Do we need safety words? I think I want a safety word.

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