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Changes to Food were Unnecessarily Complex


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Putting more components and sub-components on recipes is just a time sink we do not need. The value of having sub-component assemblies is that it can create different results depending on the combinations used. You do not have that in food crafting. You have 1 result for bon tipper but now you have 2 sub combines of pasteurized milk and red wine that have no difference in the combination. 

  • Pasteurized milk is 5 Raw Milk, Large cooking pot and 2 dust.
  • Red wine is 1 each Water, Apple, Sugarcane, Yeast.
    • Yeast is also yet another sub-combine that yields no different result. 
  • Then you do your final combine to create bon tippers. No additional result is created. You cannot use Pinot Noir instead of Red Wine to get your tippers with a slightly different result. 

You have a massive issue with item bloat in the system as it currently exists. There is no reason for all these tiny little things that drop that have extremely limited use and no value. You could reduce the volume of raw cooking materials significantly or better yet, allow just the sub-components to drop since the combining of these sub-components does not lead to any different results. 

Last, you are creating a huge grind for crafting to eek out the best results that is not rewarding in the least. We have no idea how impactful Bon Tippers are but when we craft we are going to use them to make sure that the results are the best they can be. 

You want a real gold sink in the game, sell bon tippers pre-made and we will forgo dealing with all this crap and get straight to what we want to craft in game. Your food system is overly complex and it doesn't need to be. It does not add value in that complexity and the players would be better served to simplify the items used for it and the steps used to craft. 




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Yes, this change brings nothing except more pain and more of the dull grind. I don't know who is responsible for making these decisions but they really need to think of how this change will affect players and overall gameplay in Crowfall. This change will only make the game more grindy and boring. I personally do not see any positive outcomes from these recent changes to food recipes. 

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Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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Completely agree on the time sink...it's a huge waste of time. Pre 6.5 I had collected hundreds of mushrooms/apples and could make probably 1000 bon tippers...I just couldn't be bothered to make it because of the time it takes to grind stone down, make empty flasks, make yeast, make red wine, make bon tippers.

Then they sneak in food recipe change without even a peep in the patch notes and suddenly it takes 100k to make something I could've made for free yesterday.

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Oh...more grind...weird. Exactly what this game needs is more grind. This is as awesome as zero import campaigns because grinding for all the gear you just ground out in the last campaign is awesome too. Keep that grind coming, I feel greatness in the air!


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If ACE wanted to increase gold sinks they could've just made what we currently already buy (Water, Milk, Weapon Molds etc.) more expensive... The flow and resource usage of Cooking recipes was fine as it was; I was frequently buying Water for Bon Tippers and Milk for Cheese and Butter previous to 6.510.

Adding Cooking Foil/Sticks/Pots to vendors would also be fine if we could still make them ourselves - White-quality resources stack up quickly and we need something to spend them on other than Stonemasonry.

P.S. Grr Winterblades 🦌


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yup stupid ass changes. theres so much more poorly made dergs wrong with the game and they waste time on this

its reasons like this why they dont have time to do things like make the NPE better for new players

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If it was me here my cooking changes.

Following items are now only purchaseable from vendors this is to be a gold sink i wont price the itemse cause the devs will know more on how muchof a gold sink they want cooking to be
Pasturized Milk
Roasting sticks
Large cooking pot

Remove grind food item (Since flour is vendor item now)

Add Seasoning in food processing as a new recipe, this is just 1 or 2 herbs and it makes seasoning.

Recipes idea is to combine recip[es and sub recipes together with atleast 1 vendor item per craft with exception of some simple ones. (Vendor item resource cost items recipe amount cost can be varied to get the price the devs want per item)

Bon Tippers
- Yeast, Sugar Cane, Apple, Water, Empty flask. 

Ice Cream
- Sacrafice shard, pasturized Milk, Waterflask, Sugarcane

Baked Icecream
- Sacrafice shard, pasturized Milk, Waterflask, Sugarcane, Hotpeper

Kebab Skewers
- Roasting stick, Produce, Meat/mushrooms, Seasoning

Campfire stew
- Large cooking pot, Meat/mushroom, Water

Chocolate Bar
- pasturized milk, Sugarcane, Cocoa Beans

- Coffee Beans, Waterflask, empty flask

Fire roasted meat
- Animal meat, Seasoning, Ground pepper

Roasted Produce
- Produce, Roasting meat, Seasoning

Trial Mix
- Apple, Pine nuts

Artisan Cheese
- Pasteurized milk, Yeast, beeswax

Bone Broth
- Cooking pot, Waterflask, Animal bone, Seasoning, ground Pepper

- pasturized milk, butter, Flour, Sugar Cane, water flask (Can add an addictive here for different types of cake chocolate for example if you lkooking for another stat food)

Chocolate milk
- Pasturized milk, Sugarcane, cocoabean, empty flask (additional Hot pepper)

- Butter, sugar cane, Flour, Milk, water flask

- Cooking pot, flour, waterflask, potatos

Biscuit and gravy
- Cooking pot, Meat or mushroom, flour, Bone, Seasoning, Waterflask

Grilled Sandwich
- Butter, Optional Mushroom/meat/Cheese, Yeast, Flour, Water

Marsala Stew
Cooking pot, Meat or mushroom, Butter, apple, seasoning, potato

Meat burgundry
Cooking pot, Produce, meat, mushroom, potato, apple

Pesto Gnocchi
Cooking pot, Mushroom, Butter, potato Seasoning

Pot Roast
Cooking pot, Animal bone, animal meat, potato, Seasoning, water

Pot pie
Cooking pot, Meat or mushroom, Water, butter, flour, produce, seasoning

The only cooking item that gets used twice is the cheese with sandwich's since it an optional item, this makes cooking a little less time consuming/tedious which is a definetly plus! :)


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