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sacrificing and turning in quests, when close to leveling

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The game seems to ignore all xp that takes you past your current level. I turned in a quest and i just level, even though i was close to leveling. At another time, i was missing 34xp to level. I sacrificed an item that gave 38. I leveled but had 0 xp in my new level, while i should have had 4. To my, this is poor game design and stupid. If it's on purpose, the game is a joke. If not, then it's not something that should happen this far into the game. I haven't played this game much, but i have a feeling I have already lost quite a bit of xp, due to this. This mean that, you have to really pay attention to your xp when you sacrifice and turn in quests. Maybe grind till you have leveled before turning ing.

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This has been a long standing gripe about the sacrifice system for years, even before quests existed. I can't recall ever hearing anything about it from the developers.

You're right. Its dumb, we all know it is dumb, we've all complained about it at length.


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It is dumb but, there is a work around. You can split your stack prior to sac. Lets say you only need 50 more sac XP to level but the smallest stack you have left is 200 XP, split it into 2 x 100, the split one of those 100s into 2 x 50... Sac a 50 to ding and the sac the rest to help the new level. 

To split a stack, use SHIFT+rmb


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I did use the work around when it came to sacrificing. But it's more when you turn in quests. I havnen't played it that much, but i'm certain i have lost alot of xp due to this, before i noticed it, or was sure it happened. When you don't know how much xp you get for a quest, you don't know if you should level up, before you turn in the quest. I have done this, after i found out about it. Go level up before i turn in the quest, if i was just somewhat close to leveling.

I recall it was like this in the early day's of mmo's. But this was fixed about 10 years ago. This shouldn't happen in a game in this day and a game in beta and that is this close to launching (close for a game to be released).

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15 hours ago, HungryAngryHippo said:

But it's more when you turn in quests. I havnen't played it that much, but i'm certain i have lost alot of xp due to this

You really won't be able to get much higher than 18 with the quests anyway, there is some system of normalization on the quest XP based on level.


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