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How to craft toxins


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  1. Scavenged ingredients, like grubs or pine nuts, can drop while chopping trees.  You'll need an intermediate axe or better to get the appropriate stats. 
  2. Animal blood has a small chance to drop when skinning animal npc's.  To get the stats necessary, you'll need to have both a skinner harvesting rune and a skinner specialty toolkit.
  3. Once you have the scavenged ingredients and the blood, you can craft them at an alchemy crafting bench while wearing an alchemy crafting rune.  Alchemists also make the empty flasks needed in the recipe.

If that seems like a lot do all by yourself, you're right.  Most activities in the game are intended to be accomplished by groups and guilds; crafting is no different.  All else fails, just ask around and see if someone will sell you what you need.

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To get animal blood, you need the at least the green skinner tool belt or the Villein exploration discipline. Since you're likely a new player, go for the green skinner belt. The belts are purchased by the Exploration disc vendor in the Temple. In order to equip it, you need a green skinner discipline, which drops from skinning animals in Infected with an intermediate tool.

Scavenged Items come from many different sources, but nightshade is the easiest to get. Those grow around other harvesting nodes, most notably near trees in my travels. Eating Trail Mix (made at a cooking station) will give you a 5% chance for pine nuts and wood grubs to drop from trees and blood worms to drop from skinning. The Survivalist exploration discipline also increases the chance for scavenged items to drop.


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