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The death Penalty is Non-sense!!!!!!!

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I don't know if it's just me or what? but, i have always hated Wow's death penalty (you die turn into a ghost and go to your body.) Sometimes its like 500m away like wtf and there's a rez timer on top of it. Well it isn't much different in this game except you fly away from battle 500m away with a rez timer to add to the frustration of dying........... I like how ESO did their death penalty you lose a soul gem, if there was a system like that id have no issues with this game. As far as the game goes, it's really fun i just absolutely hate the death penalty system.

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I understand you don't like it. Unfortunately there is no really good way to implement territory control without it. Taking resurrection statues, having keeps, these things matter because of location. Without this kind of system, players would just respawn too quickly for territory to matter.

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If there is it anything to adjust down in GR, it's the timer.  Usually it's not a problem because your first death timer is short, and by the time you fly to the statue you can res. 

The penalty also increases every time you die, and then that increase decays over time.  

Once you get into the real campaigns, your guild will probably have a keep, and that keep will have a res statue, and you can bind to that statue so you can return to your keep with ALT-P or 'G' when you die.   Because of that, there needs to be an increasing delay on deaths so that attackers don't feel like they are playing whack a mole too much, while at the same time still giving a defensive advantage as long as the statue is up, because they can also be destroyed when they are in a keep, not just captured. 

Basically it's part of the strategy game, with a slight negative side effect of new players not really understanding their value. 

Oh, and if your willing to take the durability hit, it's sometimes faster to get around in crow form if you let a mob kill you.  You should should have been here when the crow didn't fly but sort of coasted along the ground and hopped like a penguin. That was pretty primitive. 

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