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6.510.0 Live Feedback for 4/8/2021

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Update Notes

Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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It would be nice if you were doing the main quest as soon as you have joined, having it guide you to the "Sentinel of Earth". Also, the part where players can obtain a maximum of 15 talent points per character would easily be overlooked, or forgotten by some players. May I suggest having x/15 talent points put next to "Spent" in the talents UI?

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There are some mistakes in the description at the cooking table. When I craft higher recipes i just gain five cakes for example when it says in the descrpition that i would gain 10. Also it would be great if there was the option to split ressource stacks. And at the sacrifice altar when I use items to level up and the amount of xp is more than what I need for that lvl, the surplus just disappear.

Does the sprint work out of combat? Because there is no visible acceleration when I press the button for sprint.

Furthermore I wish the hit points for enemies would be visible in their health bars.

At last I have some issues with the crafting system, because even when I use rune axes with the exploration talent i have to harvest quite a few rank 5 trees to gain uncommon crafting materials.

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General harvesting feedback...

  • Pacing of harvesting really needs to be adjusted. Banging on a rock for 10+ swings to get a few resources is really tedious and adds to the boredom. Harvesting is already a repetitive task. Remember this is supposed to be a game, not the gulag. A good feel would be several doobers popping out every 3 swings. I don't think it matters that it gets better once you unlock harvesting abilities. At the very least give anyone with a harvesting disc equipped a skill to make this go faster, even if it gets replaced/improved at higher levels. Harvesting needs to be an activity people actually want to do.
  • Plentiful harvest should either go away or just be a food buff with 1 rank. It should be enough that higher rank nodes take reduced damage and require higher harvesting stats. Adding plentiful harvest on top of this (and in addition to the other harvesting stats) is just yet another unnecessary thing that makes harvesting more tedious and frustrating, doubly so for new players and lower ranks of progression. If you must have a way to reduce yield in later seasons, scarcity is a better option as it drives conflict.
  • Consider making typical harvesting activities more about exploration and less about grinding. Increase scarcity of resource nodes across the board and increase the payout of each node. Down the road you might consider adding skills for locating nodes.
  • Consider making 'high-end' harvesting, i.e. high rank nodes and motherlodes, a contested event like caravan pigs. Meter the spawns, and put them on the map with a fuzzy location indicator. Barring this, announce them as an event with an imprecise locations: "<resource> motherlodes have been spotted near <parcel>"
  • There can't be "useless" ranks of resources, or ranks of progression. This is a symptom of non-functioning economic and progression systems. There needs to be some consideration given to how stable value for resources of all ranks will be achieved in near and long term, and how to make progression feel like a smoother ramp where players feel adequately rewarded at all levels.
  • Consider adding PvE elements to add variation to the harvesting loop. Having WT mobs harvesting at nodes with animations for loading up a pig would be a nice way of making the world feel less empty and more alive. These little polish things go a long way. Alternatively, having elementals pop out while harvesting would just provide something to break up the "find node, hold M1" loop. Loot tables could include harvesting relevant stuff: resources, consumables, maybe even tools.
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Is there any way we can see a tooltip in game for either what the Archdruid blight orbs are calculated off of (like it used to be) or a total of what blight orbs are supposed to be doing? Can pretty much confirm it's mostly weapon damage and not stats as of 6.51, but all the current tooltips just say "does damage to enemies" like on force of nature and the blight promotion change. Kind of hard to make sure it's working right if we have no estimate or idea of where the numbers should be.

Edited by Heartsteel
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idk how this work, but some recommendations to add.

1 Grouping needs a loot system to equally get loot.

2 Map would be nice if u could do a ping on the map to see where u need to go etc.

last very nice gameplay atm could use some optimization but overall good

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First impressions after a couple of hours mostly on yesterday's patch.

Character creation:  I like that there are a lot of options but a little guidance here to help players choose the type of playstyle they like would be helpful.  After release the game will get wikified to death, but not everyone wants to research before jumping in.  Customization felt unfinished.  I'll play a black square if the combat is good, but most players enjoy personalizing their avatars.

Starter zone: It's fine.  Like most games, the tutorial is something to do while you get used to the game.  However leaving the starter zone, I ended up in a zone with low level mobs so I had to wander around a lot to find any mobs that gave XP for that last level.

Crafting: I didn't delve into crafting, but if there's a way to repair a tool I couldn't find it.  Crafting looks awesomely complex.  Love it.  Is there an player shop/trade post/auction house so crafters can sell wares?

Graphics: The game really doesn't look very good, IMO.  The landscape is underwhelming and the character animations are clunky.  I also cannot find any setting where my screen doesn't flicker.  Turning vsync off helped but I don't think it's a graphics power program (I have a 1070) -- turning everything off in basic mode I was still flickering. 

Map: Crafting stations, etc. need to appear on the map when you are in a sanctuary.  Vendors have icons over their head but you can run all over and miss the actual crafting stations.  (Why are the appropriate vendors npcs not next to the craft stations?).  Players need to be able to place at least one map marker when heading to a custom spot, especially if there is no minimap.

Inventory: This is dismal.  Things get randomly put in inventory and you can't tell what category they are until you hover over them.  If you are at a crafting station, the appropriate resources should filtered or highlighted.  And some icons need work.  Steak tartare looks just like raw meat. 

Combat: I chose Elken Templar.  So far none of my skills feel impactful or fun.  Flailing with a swords get more done faster.  Granted this is a noob character, but *some* sort of starter skill should feel fun.  The only skill I felt had real benefit was Head Butt.  Unfortunately, there was a delay (which is seems you fixed) and the target goes flying back... out of reach of your followup damage.  A couple of times my character zoomed in two or three directions before hitting the target, which might have been latency.  (Otherwise server performance felt very solid.) Meanwhile, if I am fighting a wolf and back up 20 feet to avoid an attack, the wolf can still bite me from way over there.  Maybe if my block defense skill mitigated more than a tiny bit of damage I would rely on that more.

Skill Trees: It would help the player if you could see more of where skill branches were heading to.  The tooltips are not very helpful in the decision process.

Food: Why am I eating to survive instead of for buffs?  This is just an annoyance and doesn't add to the game IMO.


I'll come back and try again later, but the screen flicker is a very off-putting for now.  I think the game has a lot of potential  However, I am underwhelmed at the combat.  It feels like a very old tab target game with an action camera.  You seem guaranteed to take damage as soon as a player/npc fires a skill, even if you avoid the actual hit. 

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I've been playing since yesterday and have now reached level 9. I would say my experience has been rather enjoyable. I have over 15 years of MMO experience and I can say this game is far from the worst I've played.

Here is what I liked so far:
- Contrary to what most people say, I quite like the graphics. Not every game needs to be hyper realistic and the game honestly looks pretty good. I haven't explored much yet, but I quite like the visuals of the game even if they're more cartoonish.
- Spell animations are cool.
- I find some of the systems kinda neat. I like the food system - it's not too annoying and adds a layer to your character needs. I like the harvesting system a lot too.
- Even though I haven't gone too far into it, I like the talent system. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but it feels pretty good.

Here are things I didn't really like:
- The map system is pretty crap. I know the goal is probably to make a unique map system but I'm just so lost every time I open the map.
- This is probably not going to be changed, but I find it kind of dumb that you can change direction when you jump.
- I don't know if it's only the first levels, but quests seem to be mostly "go talk to x" type and I would love to see more diversity in that regard.
- This might be personal preference, but I feel like there are too many races/classes to pick. The character creation was kind of overwhelming for me despite having created hundreds of MMO characters in my life. It also doesn't give much room to add any in the future. I do really like the character I picked though (Wood Elf Druid).

Overall, I personally feel like there is still much to be done to make this game great, but I would still say it's pretty decent right now and has good potential.

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First impression:

I haven't played very long, but the most noticeable flaw in my eyes is combat.  It just doesn't feel right.  I don't know exactly what it would take to fix this, but I think a few minor changes could go a long way.  I would suggest the following:

  • mild screen shake on being struck that increases with intensity depending on the percentage of damage taken.
  • hitting or getting hit could interrupt attacks or cause minor knockback depending on damage - this would also make other mechanics and positioning more important.  If you're standing in front of an enemy, you shouldn't be able to bust out a skill that takes time to execute unless they are stunned, have an opening after their own attack, etc.
  • decrease movement speed while attacking, I feel the player can move around too quickly while swinging.
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Combat feels awful and does not adequately provide information to the player, when information is absolutely key to PvP.

  • There's a substantial delay between animation end and any type of feedback (VFX/SFX/damage numbers)
  • VFX and SFX themselves are terrible. Flintlock pistols sound like toy pellet guns, bows don't shoot projectiles or shoot absolutely unnoticeable projectiles with no tracer particles. As is, the lackluster effects easily break engagement and exacerbate the delay issue.

Is there no in game friend list or guild UI? Those features should have been introduced before a Beta test.

Race and class tooltips could use more information, like starting proficiencies. Allowing players to have a complete preview of their character, including starting stats, talent tree, and disciplines, before leaving character creation would also be nice.



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First play session ~1 hour

  • Picked a Ginueacean because playing a Ginuea ping in an MMORPG is rediculous and amazing, I love the variety of races / physically different models.
    • Character customization was a little lackluster for an MMORPG, but I was personally fine with it. I prefer equipment visual variety over character look anyhow.
  • Picked Cleric because there was only 3 choices (kind of a let down) and I wanted to be a magic class.
  • The summary tooltip of the races / classes is overwhelming. Just the sheer amount of INFO that is shown. Maybe have a simpler view initially and a check-box that shows advanced information for players who are more familiar with the game.
  • Didn't really understand the world section screen, naturally I wanted to pick the first world on the left (the personal one) but that didn't work. Maybe bring the player to the starter world automatically, or quickly show the player the different rings before bringing them into the game.
  • Like the movement controls, wanted to press shift to sprint (didn't work), and wanted to press gravemark / numlock to auto-run (didn't work).
  • I wanted to press space bar, E, or left click anywhere on the screen to continue conversations. Pressing Y / N make me move my hands from their natural position and just felt kinda weird.
  • Game looks great, big fan of the aesthetic, like how many NPCs are in the starting area.
  • Saw a tree / ore / animal carcass right away and wanted to gather from them but didn't have the tools.
  • Cleric abilities were okay, the starting 1 AoE heal was a little weird for a starting ability, but it simplifies things later so thats okay.
    • My ultimate didn't feel very strong or WOW / EXCITING it kinda just seemed like a heal.
  • Kind of annoying that there isn't a way to "show mouse" without opening the full UI. I just wanted to see what my abilities did / buffs were.
    • Also the mouse over delay when in the UI seems a little slow to activate.
  • Enjoyed the brisk quest progression, moving you through the different mechanics: cooking, crafting, leveling up, etc.
  • I was really surprised by the sacrificial altars, very cool idea! Love the though of grinding out resources to level up, or buying resource from players to sacrifice or making cool item for other players that give lots of EXP when sacrificed.
    • I wish it told you which items could be sacrificed to which gods. You can kind of guess based on the gods "persona" but a simple highlight / marker when in the sacrifice UI would help. Or perhaps show all items in the players inventory in the sacrifce UI as "deselected" along with their XP values (sorted highest to lowest) and let the player "select" them from that list to add to the sacrifice.
    • Was a little let down when I sacrificed a bunch of stuff to a god and didn't get anything "extra" out of it. The EXP is nice, but a little god-specific reward was kind of expected.
    • I like that you can self-select a buff from the god by praying to them, but I think sacrificing should do something too.
  • The second ultimate ability for Cleric IS DOPE! Turning white and beating people down with righteous fury made me feel like a super saiyan ginuea pig. Super awesome. I was legitimately excited to use it again after doing it once.
  • Definitely expected to be taught amount mining / smithing / weapon crafting by the Stoneborn / dwarf people. Was honestly REALLY disappointed when I got to the bottom of the mine and was just told to teleport back to town.
    • Also, getting that essence stuff from the monsters there confused me and made me wonder how / when I would use that, or if I missed something.
  • The Satyrs were actually kind of challenging, and felt interesting to fight. I was SHOCKED when I got blinded for the first time by them. VERY COOL!
    • I didn't understand I just needed to kill the Satyrs to get the rune stone things, the marker should mark a nearby Satyrs instead of the ground.
  • The additional abilities I got from the talent tree felt a little lackluster. The giant fist slam was visually the coolest by far.
  • Opening the gate to the sun temple was cool, makes me feel like I want to open the other doors!
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Something after a while playing on them, the aesthetics of the male Wood Elf mail armour looks a bit off. It doesn't seem to match their models too well.

I'm not quite sure what it is: if it's not clear at a glance that the armour has a wooden/plant aesthetic, like the brown upper arms is bark and green ovals are the leaves.

It could just be the helmet, since the male wood elves seem alright with their helmet off, rest of the armour on. I'm not sure how to put it without it being impolite, but with helmet on they end up looking 'dorky'. The helmet's of armour style on the high elves in Lord of the Rings, but looks pretty dweeby here and clashes with the woody aesthetic.

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Please combine God's Reach, The Infected, Campaign worlds... make the world one big oasis of zones the further you get from a free city the better the loot becomes the tougher the mobs also get. Crowfall is seriously LACKING the immersion aspect to the MMO genre. 

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I just wanna say that I very much enjoyed reading the notes from new players. After actively playing Crowfall for more than a year now, it's great to read about first impressions and about things which new players see and I just don't see because I play it for too long 😃

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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I can kind of understand the reasoning behind removing general chat from the dregs campaign, but it's really difficult to try and help/communicate with new players (especially in other factions) on the infected server.


We spent a little time tonight wandering around infected zones and trying to help players. Hardly anyone communicated in faction chat, for some reason my Kingdom chat wasn't working, and because there's no general all we could do with other factions was jump around and emote. A functional way to communicate and talk with other players, especially when there are so many new people would seem critical to answering questions and keeping them engaged so that they might actually stay in the game and see that there is an active population of players willing to help and join (or even fight) and it's not just an empty void of a map where you just run around to kill NPCs and take outposts..



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My first impressions are mostly positive. I was only able to play for about an hour but I liked many aspects of what I was seeing, in particular the potential for crafting which I feel could be one of the strongest aspects of the game. However, I did have some concerns that manifested pretty quickly while playing.

Among them:

  • I felt a disconnect between what the character abilities said and how they felt. I played a Guinecean duelist and, while I like the abilities on paper, I felt that in  combat I just ended up not really making an impact. For example, the flintlock shot kinda sounds like it is supposed to be a sort of parry mechanic a la bloodborne but I could never really make it work and it ended up just being another button I pressed when off cooldown as opposed to a strategic choice. It makes the combat kind of a letdown and is a pretty weak feature for me.
  • I do not like that there is stat customization. It seems kinda needless and can be problematic down the road when certain stat builds end up just not working on characters, especially for the uninformed. I say just make stats automatically increase depending on the class chosen and make them customizable through equipment. The current system just opens up having efficient character builds having clear edges over non-optimized builds even when everything else might be equal. It just feels unnecessary and beginner unfriendly.
  • I would like the expansion of character classes into more races. As a guinecean, I have only three classes to choose from. While one is a completely unique class, I personally really like to play magic classes and would like that choice regardless of my personal aesthetic choices (because I love the idea of gunieceans). I would say make fighter/warrior and cleric ubiquitous to all races because those are universal and encompass many roles while also opening up at least one magic class and one physical fighting class for each race restricted to 3-4 class options. I feel that would assuage further criticism on this matter and open up more races to more people.
  • The environments are mostly fine though I would like some more NPCs to be added just to fill them up and seem more alive. It is somewhat off-putting to wake up for the first time in-game and see only the one NPC and nothing else for the first 30 seconds. It just makes the game feel unfinished and the simple fix of just adding some decorative NPCs could easily fix this. Also, it would help this matter if the NPCs did some more animations instead of just standing there. I know the player aspect is key here but having NPCs that feel alive adds a lot of flavor and really makes the world feel more alive.

Overall, I think the game is well on its way to being very good. These are just suggestions that I think could be acted upon to improve it further.

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Sehr Geerhtes Crowfall Team!

Leider muss ich gestehen das spiel sagt mir schon im ersten Moment nicht zu!

Ich mag spiele nicht besonders wen die Maus fixiert ist da ich es für umständlich halte hier würde mir eine Option sehr gefallen wo man dies Umstellen kann um den verschiedenen Spielern ein gutes Spiel Erlebnis zu geben.

Ebenso finde ich bei der Erstellung eines Charakters das ganze etwas umständlich und auch das vieles noch auf Englisch ist macht es für mich nicht leichter das System zu verstehen 

da mir das spiel schon im ersten Moment nicht gefallen hat und ich da kein Guter Tester währe würde  ich sie bitten mir den Beta Zugang zu nehmen und jemanden zu geben der ihnen dabei mehr helfen kann das spiel nach euren Vorstellungen zu gestalten.

Mein Kommentar entspricht meinem spiel Still und darum kann ich da nicht für alle sprechen jedes Spiel sollte sich abheben um verschiedenes Publikum anzuziehen 

Ich bedanke mich für ihr vertrauen darum will ich lieber jemand anderen die Chance geben 

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The clunkiness of combat interacts really badly with channeled powers. Just died in a fight cuz I managed to miss like 4 Rapid Fire powers.

I will use one attack. The attack seems to end, right? So I hold the rapid fire. But the attack didnt really end, i did the damage, the effect triggered. But the game still hasnt moved along and didnt register im holding rapid Fire. Well, since Im holding Rapid Fire and nothing is happening my brain just goes 'custard it, it isnt working' and I let go of the power. And then, when I release it the game lets this rapid fire fizzle.

When swapping trays it is even worse. Swap, hold rapid Fire, nothing happens, let go of Rapid Fire, game lets out this embarrassing fizzle and Rapid Fire goes in CD.

Feels like Im getting the shaft for being quick. If i was an old man I bet I wouldnt have issues, but since I have quick reflexes I keep messing up.

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Character creation: 

  • It'd be nice if I didn't have to pick race first, class second, but could also do it the other way around
  • Single-gendered classes should not reset the selection to "male" (also, why are there no female minotaurs or Elken?)
  • zoom in for face and hair selection - I couldn't tell the difference between the three faces

Combat: more range for bows, please - 22 Min. (whatever that's supposed to mean - minutes? minotaurs?) is way too close for my taste. I get one arrow out to trigger the enemy and then have barely enough time to swap weapons before they're up in my face and pummeling me.

Settings: so you're detecting that I'm using a QWERTZ layout - but you can't automagically swap Y and Z for keybindings (e.g. weapon trays)?

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