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"ACE Q&A Livestream April 8th" discussion

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Crowfall’s HungerDome competitive arena offers a unique spin on both persistent world and eSports gaming: a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) experience seamlessly integrated into a massively multiplayer universe (MMO). Pushing beyond the traditional two-team match, HungerDome offers an arena for up to 12 Teams  (of 5 players each ) to compete, capturing strongholds, battling enemies, and fighting for dominance in a short, action-filled match that ends in about 30 minutes. Players can field characters from the MMO—or select a champion from a list of pre-generated (and pre-leveled) archetypes. 

Not even sure how this can work in esports.

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On 4/12/2021 at 6:27 PM, mystafyi said:

Not even sure how this can work in esports.

It works in "real" sports. 

From the early days of skiing where teams kept the wax formulas used very secret, to car "teams" designing different makes/models to compete against each other (Ford v Ferrari), to horse races where certain horses dominated the sport in certain time periods. (Sea Biscuit). 

Of course disparity in esports is possible.  The foundation doesn't have to be like chess like for it to be competitive.

I can see the need for leagues by level and skill (W/L, ELO etc) which represents vessel quality and individual talent to eventually exist though. 

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