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6.510.0 Live Feedback for 4/9/2021

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Update Notes

Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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Top Posters In This Topic

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I'm getting really tired of reporting a TON of bugs and getting confused faces on them. If my bug says "when I push this button it doesn't work" how is that confusing? It might be time you start typin

The slow down when you jump on a mount feels really terrible. Also, and this is not specific to changes in 6.5, land rush for the start of a dregs campaign should be tweaked to require some pvp t

^^ This. It absolutely should not be on the interact menu at all. We can do it from the Alliance UI.

Both of the auras on transcendent warrior are good, and should stay in the game, but there is something very frustrating about having two auras on a major. Yeah, you could argue there is value in proactively swapping, but two tray slots for things that are mutually exclusive (in essence) - I'd rather see some kind of change to that disc.

Block should reflect a good amount of melee damage, IMO. Maybe via a minor?

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Got my berserker to 16. At what point do I get a bleed skill? It feels weird to have all of these abilities that are reliant upon me hitting a bleeding enemy but I'm not sure how to apply bleeds. Maybe I am applying them innately and just don't know? It is unclear.


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32 minutes ago, keggarr said:

Got my berserker to 16. At what point do I get a bleed skill? It feels weird to have all of these abilities that are reliant upon me hitting a bleeding enemy but I'm not sure how to apply bleeds. Maybe I am applying them innately and just don't know? It is unclear.


You can check full details on abilities in your spellbook (defaults to K). Holding ctrl while hovering over abilities will give you more info. If I recall correctly, I think your LMB combo applies a bleed on last attack. I could be wrong.

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I tried playing the game but apparently my PC doesn't meet the minimum requirements (it does, I checked before starting to play). My fps was horrible and I wasn't even moving. It was constant 23 fps with big time lags on the picture. I couldn't experience the full potential of the gameplay. I was only able to create my character and load the world, that's it.

Aside from that I think the game has really big potential as a MMO and I hope in the near future I can play it with no problem. Keep the good work!

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I disagree that Beneficial harvesting is locked behind the legendary belt.  Its counterpart coin, Weak spot is not.  Why lock one feature of harvesting but not the other?  Here are the buffs from each coin (ty test client for the million clicks)


The problem is the beneficial harvest effect: 1 stat, its not available until you hit this coin, which is after 117 green disc drops, 27 green belts, 65 Domination Dust and 1 Coin (377,500 gold sink).  We have harvest tools (locked behind epic discs) and specialty seals for armour that target beneficial harvest.  All other forms of the tools and seals are accessible at reasonable level, except the beneficial harvest variant.  Then there is a 10% chance that's possible from a legendary Lookout discipline.  I'm sure there will be annoyed people who upgrade their lookout too if they can't even use the passive stat.

For Armour Seal Variants (and their main use):
Crit Amount/Crit Harvest: Focuses Main Resource Acquisition
Weak spot: Great for Motherlode secondary hitters, even with intermediate tools.
Plethora of Dust: Dust Focus...
Beneficial harvest: Secondary Resource focus like soul gems, grit, apples, bones.  Hardly something that needs to be locked so far behind progression, often times done in low zones where you can get the most node breaks / minute.  The stat itself benefits all the above, but the other gear sets are more suited for their task.

Possible Solutions: (ONLY 1, or power creep issues)
-Make all Harvests have a base Beneficial harvest Effect: 1
-All Green gathering discs increase their applicable Beneficial harvest Effect by 1
-Lookout, since it already targets this, increases Beneficial Harvest effect by 1 (my least favourite of the three)

People worried about possible power creep on beneficial harvest if its unlocked sooner, you get 2.5-3% chance from a decent made green tool, ~15% chance and ~25% power from a blue sealed armour set.   and a max 10% chance from lookout.  then there is the coin above.

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I was having fun leveling in starter zone and in first zone of infected, but after that the traveling times is ridiculous to reach content for 24+. Escpecially if I want to do faction vs faction. With the time to get to any action in infected I see no sense to play faction vs faction, which is a shame.

Leveling in infected and having the vault and sacrifice as only option is not good. To access basic things, like disciplines and merchant is not possible in infected zone, unless you want to ride the whole distance back to higher level mobs.

It might be that I oversee some teleport options, but then those are not intuitive.

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Im really not liking that I have to slot gathering powers on my normal tray. Look, my bar is full for a reason. If I get jumped, those power will be missed. And you dont want players to feel they lost cuz the game screwed them over.

Someone gave the idea of being able to slot gathering powers on The quick tray slot. That would work.

Another idea is to just take the easiest route. Create direct shortcuts to gathering powers. Why cant I use num_1 and num_2 or any other random key? Why does it NEEDS to take a place in my bar? If retaliate has their own slot and key why doesnt my gathering powers?

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I just played for the first time. My experience so far:
- a bit confusing to understand the various worlds and what each one is.
- i understood the possibility of creating multiple characters and a global chest from experience in past games, but maybe a tutorial for newbies would be good.
- UI on the skill point distribution page is a bit annoying, I wish the descriptive text was not so invasive because there is the need to click on the [x] if I want to click on some skill that is to the left (with the text overlapping).
- Very good initial quests and explanations, easy to learn the basics of the game.
- lack of hotkey for the journal.


edit1: will update my commentary instead of making multiple ones. Or do you prefere the other way?

Edited by Coldasice
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the dark spider mount makes same noise as skinning. a lot of times it sounds like someone is skinning when in reality its the mount. please change the sfx

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I am not sure this is bug a new way of seeing Infected, but the villages are once again slow to spawn and some have only 3 per village area. The way it was before I could stroll through and get about 8 to 10 mobs per village. Please return it back to the way it was before 6.5. It is taking forever to level a new character.

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Logged in and created character. No problems encountered in tutorial zone, fps and ping were optimal on ROG Zephyr laptop. Leveled to 13 and moved to next zone.

Did not try crafting using stations. Will there be crafting masters similar to other MMORPs with quest items to guide the player? I ended up with food items I assumed were loot-once looting items, it would be nice to be able to craft them (0r salvage for materials). For instance, the only item I crafted out of the Mystery Meat was the tartare. Is there a way to cook this?

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1-20 was really terrible, 20+ is pretty cool! Is the game instanced? 20+ would be less fun with people all over the place stealing the bosses and stuff. I assume the 1-20 process will be overhauled? Some general thoughts: 

The camera / crosshair could do with rising a bit when the player is mounted. 

Graphics are ok technically but some styling and textures make it look like a kids Lego game, more than necessary. 

Some people find crafting boring, bear that in mind. 

Is the thing with switching servers just a beta thing too? If not.... damn... That's so janky. People need to log in to a server at level 1 and the game takes care of the rest. 

I assume spell effects are placeholder but just to be sure, I can't see whether my spells are hitting or not. The LMB pew pew pew thing just has him jumping around with no other feedback. And the numbered spells are more or less the same. 

As a general rule, I hate games that teleport me all over the place. The world should feel like one solid real world, not a bunch of game zones you load into every 2 seconds. 1-15 ish should all be done in 1 area if possible. 

The level up sound effect is identical to the quest/event sound from Rift. 

Not everyone is new to MMOs, some people have played them to death so having so many kindergarten steps and dragging out the newbie experience is a boring chore to some of us, unless you can turn it into something new and exciting. Which so far it absolutely isn't. But again 20+ seems miles better and 30+ becomes PVP focused or something? My point is you might want to offer an expedited option or something. 


Edited by Manalishi
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9 minutes ago, NialOTheNine said:

Is there a way to cook this?

You can use the cooking stations scattered around the world to open up a whole bunch of recipes.  The easiest to find is in the temple, near the bar.

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15 minutes ago, Manalishi said:

Not everyone is new to MMOs, some people have played them to death so having so many kindergarten steps and dragging out the newbie experience is a boring chore to some of us, unless you can turn it into something new and exciting. Which so far it absolutely isn't. But again 20+ seems miles better and 30+ becomes PVP focused or something? My point is you might want to offer an expedited option or something. 


Edited by mystafyi
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Calling it a night, more tomorrow. I got to 24/25 ish. There is not enough stuff to kill, it is pretty boring to run around such an empty world in circles, waiting for things to spawn and me to mow them down a second later. I keep coming across elites or whatever and then dying because I'm alone. I think with a group it would be more fun but only the elite, and even then it is still pretty plain. Have you guys played like GW2 and ESO and stuff? The competition is stiff! This seems like a simple, easy, generic, boring version of those games. 

The crafting seems like it pulls people apart in that my region seemed to only have several people and most of them were busy crafting. 

Curious what happens to this game at 30. 

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Excited to try the Beta!

I was surprised to find that the launcher wasn't going to launch the game before all assets were fully downloaded.  I honestly thought that in this day and age it was not an unreasonable expectation to think a new MMO would include that particular feature.  There are likely a million powerful reasons not to include that particular feature in beta however; so I digress.

The artwork is there.  I was immensely impressed by the artwork.  Upon loggin in I chose to go to the eternal kingdom first.  I get there with no direction of what to do or what anything is.

I see a question mark, lets go there.  The run animation and sound is pleasant to look at and fun.  Jumping feels awkward.  After doing the first two quests I decided to head out of the EK and look at the starter worlds.  The EK seems like it may be something to come back to, not start with.  If this is the case, starter worlds should be suggested in some way by visual design or simply a new account menu that only includes the starter worlds.  Experienced players who don't wish to go here can use the menu to get to where they need to go.  EK simply felt like a wrong choice as I'm sure the others would be as well.

I was able to find the "get out" button easily and reloaded the lobby.  This time I found my way to God's Reach.

The loading screen artwork has so far been great.  The art style is something I am enjoying very much.  

I leveled soon after doing a quest.  I noticed the 'r' keybind does something.  What is that?  I can't figure out how to get my mouse over it to get a tooltip. I ask in general chat, nobody replies.  I find my spell book.

Combat getting figured out, I went to grab my first new spell and was blocked by a message saying. "Train in Repent."  No idea what that means.  I start clicking stuff.  I miraculously figure out it's the previous talent.


Once I started figuring out the menu's everything started sailing smoothly.  I was killing stuff and designing a character and generally having fun.  God's reach has generally been a good experience where I was able to figure out how to play.  I'll back back with a pvp post.

The horse falls too fast.

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Random Suggestions I had while playing:

  • Allow keybinds to UI or other interactions that would not interfere with normal character movement commands (ie allow Spacebar to be both Jump AND Quick YES)
  • No Compass Waypoint after hitting Level 18 for The Infected/Full Moon (or any Waypoints after 18?)
  • Items dragged to any equippable slot and dropped auto equipped.  This is confusing; Only the correct spot should equip and it should highlight when the item is being held down
  • Stack size of 20 seems a little small
  • No popup when loot is not taken because inventory is full; there is a message in ME, but hard to notice
  • No visual indicator that a specific crafting station is holding an item for the character if inventory is full until the station is clicked on (dialog appears).  It would be nice to have a symbol marker above
  • Add ability to mark Waypoint on Map for navigation
  • Duelist Rapid Shots channel ability requiring hold down button for duration of channel feels odd.  It may be better to lock the character in place and have it break early by hitting the button again (with some internal cd to prevent it stopping immediately if spamming) or at least have the channel continue unless the character moves
  • Why is Neck Slash not combo'ed with Berserk if it cannot be cast without it?
  • Entering and exiting UI mode hides cast bars for things such as casting Mount and Return, but does not stop their cast; Not only does the animation continue (which apparently is working as intended), but the cast bars are hidden and do not return when Mouse mode is exited
  • Most games have auto run/walk broken by hitting W again
  • Queue up abilities clicked while auto attack is in animation during the global cd
  • Alt to enter "free look"
  • Knockup up abilities hit enemies WAY too high and the displacement feels clunky
  • The Centaur racial to charge forward feels clunky and unfun
  • Many of the movement "leap/teleport/charge" abilities should either stop when there is enemy collision or give an option for a reticle where to land; Movement abilities in general feel very clunky
  • The font and dialog boxes used for the quest dialog wasn't very appealing visually.
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