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6.510.0 Live Feedback for 4/9/2021

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CC is currently too strong. Being locked down feels very bad, nobody likes to die because they couldn't control their character. You've broken the retaliate braindead macro (thank you!), but now I'd say dial in people getting three, maybe four retaliates with a single bar of stam - maybe 33 stam/retaliate.

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I'm getting really tired of reporting a TON of bugs and getting confused faces on them. If my bug says "when I push this button it doesn't work" how is that confusing? It might be time you start typin

The slow down when you jump on a mount feels really terrible. Also, and this is not specific to changes in 6.5, land rush for the start of a dregs campaign should be tweaked to require some pvp t

^^ This. It absolutely should not be on the interact menu at all. We can do it from the Alliance UI.

These are my initial day 1, first hour thoughts:

The load screens seem to take quite a bit longer than expected.

It would be better to be able to queue up another skill to be ready to go after the timer expires and the previous skill ends, instead of having all of the timers blocking the ability until expired. 

My initial thoughts on the help tutorials that expire is that they should stay in place until you close them out or have a easier place to find them, if they are able to be read again. So far, after only a brief play session, I've not immediately found a way to see them again. If they are able to be set to stay, this should be defaulted the opposite. 

The first mission to kill the wolves should have a much faster respawn rate or a lot more of them available. The small handful of them and the extended rate of respawn seems counter productive when you are a level 1-3 and still extremely new. With a lot more players, this will be a frustration point. Or let anyone who gets at least 1 hit on it get credit for the kill. 

The character customization is still very limited, especially the hairstyles. I understand this is still most likely a work in progress, but the hairstyles help change the look of everything easily. 

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Positive feedback: The game is pretty. The world looks great and immersive. I was charmed and I could see myself sticking with the game. I liked the way my character moved and the smoothness of my elf's blink spell.

Negative feedback: Too much running around. I got to level 9-10 with very little combat. I wanted to try out the combat more but my objectives were to run from Point A to Point B. Kill 10 rats would've been a welcome change from all the running around.

I got some quest to escort a pig but then lost my pig at a gate. After not doing much combat, I didn't have the patience to backtrack and find the pig so I quit.


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So I just finished my second day of playing:

On the first day, I only made it to lvl 7 as a Druid before logging out. In general, the starting area felt hollow as soon as I left the castle(?). The area seems big (map wise), but there's not much to look at nor to explore/kill. The fetch quests to introduce basic mechanics were also kinda dull.

After the first 2-3 quests, I gave up on wanting to indulge myself with the lore/story. I just started spam clicking to get through it to move on. Eventually, I just gave up out of boredom and logged for the day. (On that note; Y is an incredibly inconvenient key to use for progressing dialogue)

Two days later, I returned to play for the second time. This time going in with an even more open mind than before. I decided to roll a Myrmidon & Confessor, both reaching a little past level 10, but still the same outcome in boredom.

So far, Crowfall feels to be in an odd place for me. It's easy to level from what I can tell, but there's so little effort put in to even get those levels. It reminds me of Eastern MMOs with the way quests are. The only difference is that Crowfall removed the auto play feature that runs you from quest to quest, essentially playing the game for you. I get that the main focus seems to be on the PvP side of things, but I want to enjoy the journey before I get to the PvP side of things.

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8 hours ago, UDL_Fringe said:

I am not sure this is bug a new way of seeing Infected, but the villages are once again slow to spawn and some have only 3 per village area. The way it was before I could stroll through and get about 8 to 10 mobs per village. Please return it back to the way it was before 6.5. It is taking forever to level a new character.

We already see a change in this area on the Test server. Now they increace the respawn rate when there are more players in the area.


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I’d recommend adding the Campfire recipe back into Survivalist crafting. It gave players a bit more agency in the world and is a cool feature for the newer players.

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Nerfing the sell to NPC vendor price of purple Swift mounts to 8k was good, but I’d recommend it further even to it’s former sell price of 500 gold. This is so because Chaos Embers and the raw mats are much cheaper to come by and when there’s more player activity, to stop savvy players ‘Merchanting’ by buying all the items off players and making profit combining and selling to the game system.

This is bad because it’s not merching by making money off the players, but infinite inflation.

Anothe part is that it’s fairly profitable that once your own Swift mount gets to single digits of durability left, you can sell it for the full 8k price. A lower mount sell price would disincentivise the effort of going to do that.

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After finishing the download, I started playing yesterday on EU. These are my initial impressions from yesterday and today morning:


Loading screen

The loading indicator on the initial loading screen is too small and in the lower right corner. It took me some seconds to see that there was any indicator. The indicator should be placed in the center and be bigger.


Inventory Management

When playing the tutorial world (i.e. God's Reach EU 1) and doing the quest after fetching the stones from the caravan, my inventory overflowed. I was confused on how to fix it. I tried selling some items to a vendor but this wasn't possible because you cannot sell items when there is inventory overflow. I didn't understand why this is.

After rearranging some items in the inventory, the overflow was fixed and the item was placed in the inventory. However, I had to google to find out that this could be a problem. If there is an inventory overflow, the game could do some other things to fix it:

- rearrange items automatically

- tell me what kind of space I need to make in the inventory (4x4 in my case)

- display an "overflow bag" which shows exactly what is overflowing

There is no way to rearrange the inventory automatically. I always miss this feature in games that have items that take more than one slot (e.g. Diablo 3).



The tutorial mentions that you can't harvest "motherlodes" unless in a group. However, there is no indication of this in the UI. The "HP bar" simply does not move when you try harvesting a motherlode while solo. The UI should indicate that you can't harvest unless in a group (e.g. by displaying requirements around the bars).

Additionally, the "HP bar" for ressources should be different from the one used for enemies.

A few times I tried to harvest but was apparently in "combat mode" because a NPC was too close and decided to attack me when I wanted to harvest. The fact that the bars look the same made it more confusing to me.

It was also very unclear to me when I could get XP from harvesting and when I couldn't.



The crafting interface makes it hard to place materials. It is very aggravating that the crafting slots light up when you hover the cursor over them. I was expecting the "matching" materials for the slot in the inventory to light up or to be able to click the slot and then select the materials.



Apparently you can't remove runestones and have to destroy them. This was mentioned in-game but unless I misremember, it was not mentioned in the initial quest that introduces runestones. The quest should be checked to make sure that this is made clear enough.



The map takes some time to get used to. I still don't know if I like it.


After the tutorial (i.e. Faction vs Faction World)

When I left the tutorial world and started on Infected EU 1, I was planning on making some progress in crafting. However, I didn't know how to proceed. Firstly, I didn't find out where to find any crafting stations. Later I kind of figured out that crafting stations are mostly in castles and hardly in smaller fortifications. Secondly, I didn't find many vendors. Then I tried to craft better tools for harvesting. After some experimentation, it seems that I needed a runecrafting station. However, I couldn't equip the runecrafted tool because I lacked the appropriate skill. I haven't yet figured out how to get it. Apparently there are also crafting utility belts and more tools but I didn't find out how to get them.

In general, the world seemed very empty. In contrast to the tutorial world which has many players, the infected world was practically empty of players. There doesn't seem to be much to do when no sieges are going on. I also didn't really find out what to do to upgrade buildings or I might have tried it.

For me, the lack of vendors means that I need to go back to the starting world to make sure that I have bought everything I need before I try out visiting the infected world again.


Eternal Kingdom

Not quite sure how to get one, I did'nt find any hints in the game.



There does not seem to be any in game help. Indicators are sparse in general. You have to figure out what to do. I'm not quite sure if this works out. Perhaps the announced third tutorial chapter will help.

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Sigh, so when are you guys start to custard handle the BS builds going around?

I complain and complain, time and time again about how fighting ranged is annoying. But that is a bigger problem, whatever.

What cant happen is dumbass builds like bow warden be allowed to fester for weeks. Run away while launching attacks that you dont even have to aim. The combination of two cancers in one.

Just look at how many custarders are running Bow warden? One of these days every player i fought was a bow warden. Today the very first guy? Bow warden.

I know people will use whatever is broken. These guys are the same sad custards who ran Radical. I dont blame them for being cheap bastards. I blame you ACE for letting things stay like this for this long.

If it was the class being overtuned like Alpha then okay, but in this case it is clearly the promo being used out of its bounds. Promo upgrades are all melee power, promo bonus is for melee damage. Yet it turns out ignoring all that and just hopping around spamming bs powers is stronger. If that aint a clear point to ranged bs being wacky I dont know what is.

Whatever. People might say im bitching, but the fact is I lost all my will to play 15 min after logging in. If I feel like gathering I might log later, but maybe i should not. Im starting to think what we need to do is stop logging for a while. Maybe when these last 200 players stop taking your BS, it will lit a fire under your asses and you will start to fix things that matter.

Edited by BarriaKarl
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The gathering tools the durability is much too low it needs to be upped at least 300% spend more time crafting tools than harvesting.

load times are so long sometimes client times out before it loads and logs you out pause the code for log out on no activity till you log into the game and start it after the protection timer times out.

gathering seems too tedious 1 log or ore is just not enough with durability the way it is now you use up all your resources on tools and have nothing to craft with.


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Very excited to test crowfall after reading about it for many years. Initial impression after downloading and testing:

- Char creation lacks customization options

- Char creation lacks a zoom feature to see your char up close as you are editing it

- Window mode doesn't naturally center on screen and sometimes doesn't allow you to access the "close window" button on the top bar

- The World Select screen is confusing for a new player. There's is duplication in navigation between clicking on "world type" and the white clicky-buttons at the top. 

- As a new player I have no idea what the difference is between Player Worlds, Starting Worlds, FvF or GvG or where I should go.

- The concept of "Campaign" isn't necessarily clear what it means.

- Map when looking at campaign worlds is not very pretty or readable. The hoovering gold text is kind of bad. Grid graphics are bad.

- When entering world for first time - where is my free look? How do I hoover over abilities on action bar to actually look at tooltip/what they are? This tends to be default in most MMOs and something you expect in the genre in general. After spending 5mins looking I still can't find it. This alone would make me just log out on first test run.  Finding it later in spell book allows me to understand the abilities and after some clicking around figuring out that there are different types of abilities and that they can only go into pre-determined "slots". Given the PVP focus I can then understand the the lack of free-look - but I would very much advise to put some sort of early explanation, hint or something to go look at spellbook or maybe a base UI introduction before logging into the world.

- General game graphics feel a bit too cartoony and low on details

- Movement and combat feel smooth. Perhaps the most important thing I want to feel first time testing a game. The lack of auto-target feels very good and refreshing.

- Bushes as objects being rendered as flat razor-thin surfaces with texture feels a bit weak in this day of age - even if they are moving around. 


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Played up to lvl 19.

Loading screens take a very, very, very long time to load.

I started in the PVE quest area, it was kind of fun even if very ... normal, run here run there click this, here's the story, now run some more. After that I went to the faction vs faction server, which is empty and boring. I know, I'm a PVE type, and I was hoping there's at least some PVE-ish stuff going on. I guess I could craft stuff for the PVP areas if I knew how to level crafting. Doesn't look like there's much going on anywhere but the newbie area. Not much guidance of any kind, no idea what makes villages captured either, or who the enemies are or how does one win and what would it give.

I haven't tried the guild vs guild one yet, mainly because I'm not in a guild and player counts were super low there, too, so I can't see it being more interesting. I'll try later.

The battle mechanics were rather smooth and fluid, the character seems responsive and that's a huge plus. Battle lag is the most irritating thing ever, and I haven't noticed any here.

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2nd and 3rd druid orbs heal twice.



Damnation dot on Divine light is off the charts insane. 200 True damage/2 seconds for 15 or so seconds. 1500 true damage to anyone who ever stepped into a divine light is awful for game balance. It can be cleansed but it reapplies every tick of divine light and Sun Worshiper cleanse only protects you for 2 seconds. Reduce duration, cut damage or remove this entirely. At a minimum make it fire damage. True damage is bad for the game.


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17 hours ago, Manalishi said:

1-20 was really terrible, 20+ is pretty cool! Is the game instanced? 20+ would be less fun with people all over the place stealing the bosses and stuff. I assume the 1-20 process will be overhauled? Some general thoughts: 

The camera / crosshair could do with rising a bit when the player is mounted. 

Graphics are ok technically but some styling and textures make it look like a kids Lego game, more than necessary. 

Some people find crafting boring, bear that in mind. 

Is the thing with switching servers just a beta thing too? If not.... damn... That's so janky. People need to log in to a server at level 1 and the game takes care of the rest. 

I assume spell effects are placeholder but just to be sure, I can't see whether my spells are hitting or not. The LMB pew pew pew thing just has him jumping around with no other feedback. And the numbered spells are more or less the same. 

As a general rule, I hate games that teleport me all over the place. The world should feel like one solid real world, not a bunch of game zones you load into every 2 seconds. 1-15 ish should all be done in 1 area if possible. 

The level up sound effect is identical to the quest/event sound from Rift. 

Not everyone is new to MMOs, some people have played them to death so having so many kindergarten steps and dragging out the newbie experience is a boring chore to some of us, unless you can turn it into something new and exciting. Which so far it absolutely isn't. But again 20+ seems miles better and 30+ becomes PVP focused or something? My point is you might want to offer an expedited option or something. 


Once you have at least 1 vessel level 30, you can easily farm sacrifice items and level up your next vessels in no time with those sacrifice items.

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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15 hours ago, Manalishi said:

Calling it a night, more tomorrow. I got to 24/25 ish. There is not enough stuff to kill, it is pretty boring to run around such an empty world in circles, waiting for things to spawn and me to mow them down a second later. I keep coming across elites or whatever and then dying because I'm alone. I think with a group it would be more fun but only the elite, and even then it is still pretty plain. Have you guys played like GW2 and ESO and stuff? The competition is stiff! This seems like a simple, easy, generic, boring version of those games. 

The crafting seems like it pulls people apart in that my region seemed to only have several people and most of them were busy crafting. 

Curious what happens to this game at 30. 

At level 30 you just start actually playing the game. You can skip NPE quests with your next vessels and level it up in no time with sac items.

Killing mobs in Infected world is just a training ground.

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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15 hours ago, McTan said:

CC is currently too strong. Being locked down feels very bad, nobody likes to die because they couldn't control their character. You've broken the retaliate braindead macro (thank you!), but now I'd say dial in people getting three, maybe four retaliates with a single bar of stam - maybe 33 stam/retaliate.

Control abilities must be control abilities. Finally, classes with control specialization are viable.

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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I'm getting really tired of reporting a TON of bugs and getting confused faces on them. If my bug says "when I push this button it doesn't work" how is that confusing? It might be time you start typing @ArtCraftQA because you're frustrating a lot of people by giving a confused face when the bug is a straight forward problem.

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5 hours ago, Erathric said:

However, there is no indication of this in the UI.

when you hover over a ML it shows 2 little people there. so its there

thawing ice is very weak 500hp and resist is nothing... make these at least 1000 & 1000 and make it a group buff

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