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Thoughts after 4ish hours

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I'm playing a Confessor, lvl 22, just got to Tiggs Town. 

Positives:  the game is visually beautiful, and I LOVE the differences between the races and classes. They're unique and I think the concept is really good. the fighting is engaging and enjoyable and is my favorite thing to do by far. the intro world was phenomenal, it felt alive, it was small enough that I could get to and from places quickly and it was convenient. 

Negatives: Now I've left the starting world, I'm craving some direction, some quests, something that gets me to engage with the world. the world outside of the starting area feels a bit empty and it was often hard to find enough to kill to level me up to get to Tiggs Town. I'd personally love a bit more story, a bit more interactions with NPC's, and maybe an explanation that there are some PVE enemies that there's no way that I will be able to take down single handedly (ie Urdu chiefs). Since the world is so big, I'd love a fast travel system, I'm currently wondering if I'm really going to have to ride like 10 minutes to get back to the sun temple. 

I think the game as a whole has a ton of potential, I'm just concerned by the amount of walking time in between stuff to fight, and the overall lack of story and quests/world building outside of the initial zone. 


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