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Felt like I got a bit baited with Re-Spec

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Hi All,

I feel like I got duped a bit because throughout the leveling process, I was told that I could respec my character back in the Sun Temple. Awesome, I thought. That means I can try out a class, specialize/see how it plays, and then go back and respec if it doesn't work as well as I'd hope. After reaching level 25, I finally decided to go and try to respec only to discover that you need to have VIP Access in order to do so. I definitely would have gone a different route if I had realized that would be the case. Sure I can go make a new character and level it up to 25 going down the path I really want, but it still feels kinda bad that this wasn't more clear up front since VIP is $15/month. 


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I thought this was an odd restriction in the beta as well. Particularly with no way to respec at all outside VIP access and a rather complicated class system.

It really limits anyone testing who is not a VIP, though I'd assume it is also one of biggest drivers in purchasing VIP.

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