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General feel of the game (combat and stamina)

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i dont know if this got mentioned already but its a bit hard to search in the forum.

I may be mistaken but it feels like the game doesn't have any input queue. It makes any combat an insufferable balance of 

pressing the skills and checking if they even activated. The global cooldown is fine but if u have a global cooldown please implement an input queue 
so that skills get activated as soon as the global cooldown allows it.

The other thing is stamina drain on gathering, making your players stand over their recourse nodes just afking for seconds bc they need to wait for their stamina is far away from any fun. If you implemented stamina drain so that there is a pvp punish for collecting somethingthen thats finebut then reduce the gathering speed by 50% or something if stamina is depleated, or better just drain stamina but let the players keep gathering (with 1 stamina). Not make it impossible to gather at all. it's frustrating without any reason and that is something that kills fun. Killed fun keeps players away. 


an other aspekt unrelated to that would be info for crafting where to gain things. the info window which tells you what you can put in to gain specific things is good. but if for example the alchemy table requires animal blood, aparently a important frequent recource then a hint how to get it would benefit greatly. players would instantly hop to a wiki page if not. that would make the game rely on third party websites just to be playable even more. 



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i also really struggle to tell if my abilities fired off .  i really wish you would hold down left click for weapon swings and have ability uses take priority. 

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