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Support Archetype: Wood Elf Earthkeeper

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The Earthkeeper is particularly adept at maintaining their group’s health through their healing orbs and healing rain. Will’O’Wisp’s splash effects cannot be overstated. The reduction in resulting damage from Protection Stakes also makes the Earthkeeper particularly adept in area denial. The Wood Elf Earthkeeper Archetype can be viewed here

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  • ACE-Tiggs changed the title to Support Archetype: Wood Elf Earthkeeper

You can't pick protection stakes with Light domain, you need Nature for that https://gyazo.com/7086f2c54b84743fb6900ef12fdedeb0

you can change the domain of the screenshot for Nature, so you can pick fortified stakes, and everything is OK , you pick naiad because of the WOOD ELF so you dont need light for anything there.

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2 hours ago, Xarrayne said:

Actually Weapon Finesse is probably the better choice, since Blood Rose is mostly obsolete when the class has Barkskin for Thorns buff.

Blood Rose stacks with Barkskin, although you lose 5 damage to the cap on an Earthkeeper. I run Blood Rose over Supreme Element just because I do a lot of 2/3-man open world roaming. But Supreme Element is better in this context. And Weapon Finesse is the best choice of all, if the domain is Nature. It's a no-brainer so I didn't even notice it missing.

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I think blood rose is really bad, and call storm too (for EK), we could argue about which build is better and which is worse for years, but I think that is not the goal of the archetypes, is about we have to adapt to what they give us, remember all of us have the same build.



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Call storm is definitely not needed and wasteful point like others have said. Minor would be better and I agree weapon finesse probably best choice, blood rose wouldn't be terrible either.

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