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Defense Archetype: Nethari Sanctifier

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The Sanctifier has multiple methods of using barriers to mitigate damage while also proving effective damage through its Condemnation power. Condemnation is incredibly strong because it also heals the Sanctifier and makes them immune to crowd control effects. Having Unstable Mage and Force Mage also turns these barriers into significant damage delivery devices. The Sanctifier cannot be ignored as the Hunger is closing in.  The Nethari Sanctifier Archetype can be viewed here

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Scalding talent isn't very good IMO - would recommend Fire Bolt instead, maybe Conduction or Minor Disc for Rupture Barrier. Everything else in the spec looks good!

I think High-Elf works better for Sanc than Nethari because it's easy to overshoot your short range with the longer dodge, and you have access to it less often. H-Elf with half a Weapon Finesse minor built-in, 5% Ele Resist, 5% Crit Dmg and chance to get extra Dodge pip are also really really hard to argue against.

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P.S. Grr Winterblades 🦌


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I actually wanna try this class in the HD setting. The build you've pre-made looks pretty interesting to me too.

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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This build I wouldn't ever go with,it has serious mana issues, 1 rotation I'm out of mana-fervor and I'm on 40%,2 more abilities casted and I'm empty and siting duck for5-6 seconds where my only option is to use Ultimate.

Scalding is useless, cleansing fire absolutely not needed.

Would rather go with something like this :


or something like this :


I mean in all the HDs so far I have seen only 1 sanctifier xcept me and I played it 2 games,if nobody is touching it you should guess you made a poor archetype.

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