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Damage Archetype: Half Elf Stormcaller

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The Stormcaller relies on its Aura Emitter as well as Gaea’s Wail to deliver effective and consistent damage. Storm Avatar boosts all damage done for a limited period of time. The Stormcaller has multiple means of reducing their enemies resistances to electrical damage and in doing so, few can withstand their consistent damage.  Check out the Half Elf Stormcaller Archetype here

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Love to see my main in the lineup. If tweaked, here's what should be changed in the build:

-Vessel is a Half-elf, no need to take the Minor talent

-INSTEAD, Shroud of Darkness or Nature's Grace would provide the Stormcaller with a touch more survivability that is welcomed in 5vX

-Taking Supreme Element in a physical damage meta is non-ideal.

-Eminently Punchable is required in long fights in tandem with Weapon Finesse

-Sun/Moon Elf Heritage over Stay in the Fight.

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Here is some ArchType Stormcaller gameplay from matches last night:


As for changes I would suggest for the ArchType:

-Remove the Stay in the Fight, Supreme Element and Subvert Expectations Minors
-Replace with Sun Elf and Moon Elf, and Burning Hatred (ECS uses Legendary runes, so aside from the extra 10m Range, Perception, Far Sight and Health Orbs, it is 1500 more HP)
-Instead of taking Remnant of Gaea, Leeching Seed and Ironwood Body, take Shroud of Darkness, Electrogenesis and Essence-Boon

I personally would prefer Blitzer over the Spirit Speaker major (in the melee-heavy HD, the multi-target damage debuff is worthwhile), but it is not a bad choice, just a different one.


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