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Damage Archetype: High Elf Archmage

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The ArchMage is a ranged damage dealer of death. Their Crystal Lance is an execution power that hits hard against those of low health. Opponents should avoid standing in their Shatterstorm. FrozenDancer provides an effective means of delivering Frostbite, an icy persistent damage over time. This combos well with Death-Shard, which deals critical damage to those with Frostbite. For defense, Master of Focus provides a barrier which provides some additional durability. Let's take a look at the High Elf Archmage Archetype.

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I don't know where best to put this, so I'm doing it here. Showing what the Powers and Passives do that each talent grants would be helpful to new players who might be joining specifically for the tournament. I might know what Black Ice does, but does Joe Schmoe?


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Just tell me HOW this guy is supposed to survive in 5v5 HD close combat setting?!? He is just paper thin with no escapes. I would replace Stay in the Fight minor with Glass Cannon. At least you would do some decent damage in that minute which you alive (1 or 2 seconds of your life are not that crucial). Stay in the fight is absolutely useless with Ultimate power costing 500 points. You will have mana at any point of time.

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Similar to mine but I don't take black ice. In HD though it makes sense

I do agree that stay in the fight may not be completely necessary unless using a heavy weapon which don't exist in HD

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