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Damage Archetype: Minotaur Titan

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The Titan is a whirling dervish of damage. They rely on applying bleeds to their enemies, then boosting their damage attacking those bleeding targets. This results in devastating Neck Slashes and basic attacks. Applying the Stalker discipline significantly boosts their damage against low health targets making them a particularly effective finisher. The Titan also has its own means of mitigating damage through their Berserk power; just be sure to avoid the ensuing crash. Check out the Minotaur Titan Archetype here

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build is simple, default actually. it works... 1v1. overall titan choise for a potential 5v5+ fights mean this guy will crash all the way no matter how good you can play it.

tags: out of stamina, big self hits, no CC, no mobility, not a damage dealer.

17 views and 0 comments clearly show current meta 😃


replace this camicaze by conqueror. more stable and usefull for a group

crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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39 minutes ago, DravoiX said:

titans can be not camicaze ? how ?

easy. dont activate berserker. this way you are just a simple melee class without any utility with average dps. no DM, no tank option but without surprices for 8k self damage instantly. still able to generate titan stacks. but still useless coz you do nothing while out of stamina or cced 😃

conq at the same time more squishy, less burst damage but more stable and can stick to target permanently coz CC immunity. can be a replacement for a debuffer/pressure role.


but who cares. no1 need both - conq and especially titans in their team. as well as motivation to participate in this 🤣

crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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