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Damage Archetype: Fae Blackguard

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The Blackguard is the most durable of the assassin promotions. This build focuses on bleeding targets and boosting their bleeding by adding poison damage to bleeding targets via Dagger Spin. The Blackguard is also pivotal in mitigating healing on a focused target by delivering Blackmantles through their Shiv enhancement.  Let's check out the Fae Blackguard! 

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This is a nice build too. Just the Fae race and Crit Dodge minor does not worth it. You'd better take the bottom 3rd stat bundle instead...

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I would consider changing out one of the majors for Dirty Fighter.

This is supposed to be a damage build and looks more built for tank.

Dirty Fighter would add festering wounds which can be critical in heal debuff.

In general, a little disappointed Dirty Fighter and Plague Lord were not in any archetype because of how useful the festering debuff is in small scale.

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