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Damage Archetype: Guinecean Slayer

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As one of the only two stealth classes available, the Slayer is built for quick strikes and ambushing isolated targets. Critical to effective Slayer play is utilizing their coin flip buffs from Inconceivable. Go for Broke delivers damage from stealth and can be utilized as both an opener or a finishing move depending upon the situation. Let's check out the Guinecean Slayer Archetype!

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With their basic kit yes, VS at least has access to the dark viagra build (barbed stake + fortified stakes + soul steal) so can be pushed from wet noodle to semi-boner noodle. That took a hit as well though with bleed removal from buckshot.


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I agree. Vanguard Scout is better for the Sneaky Stealth playstyle. Slayer is all about getting crits and using Feeling Lucky with Inconceivable, which you can't really do by camping stealth.

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On 4/19/2021 at 5:32 AM, Koerpermilch said:

You have no ability that benefits from Expose, or am I missing something?

I think rapid shots. 

I agree with everyone though, this is not a viable build for Hungerdome. It's basically the old Vanguard build that got nerfed into the ground. 

Duelist is in a tough spot right now so it's challenging to make anything viable, but Dark Vanguard or Music Dirge might be better than the current build. 

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way too flimsy for hunger dome with no real dps..

Vanguard scout is better for what they are going for but still sucks dps wise

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