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I'll start by saying idk how much coding or infrastructure this would take. But I think crowfall needs a guild upkeep system. The more players the higher the upkeep.

I used to play another game a long time ago that had a guild up keep system. With clans jewels  it had a similar feature where a "siege hour" would happen at a certain time teams would gather in a room and fight over a pedestal until one team had secured a clan jewel

Now these jewels got deposited in a bank and ur clan ate 3 jewels a week run out of jewels and ur clan was no longer. Get disgruntled at a clan and decided you don't like them? U can turn on war and begin slaughtering them anywhere at any time.

This could be in the infected so it means something.  Right now the infected feels very meh. Plus I don't see alot of in-game politics which a throne war game should have. I like the game but when dregs arent going on feel like I just wanna log off and that's not good for retaining people.



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  • Merica changed the title to Just a suggestion.
16 minutes ago, MacDeath said:

The basic concept sounds good but, I don't think we need even more ways to drive guilds away from the game! We've seen so many guilds disband over the years.

We need to make an in memoriam video for all the guilds no longer with us, probably play it to that Wyclef Jean song from the movie “Life”.

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2 hours ago, Merica said:

To be fair u til recently the game was unplayable. I would stop in and check on it every 3-6 months. For me it's getting closer but still feels very grindy.

It's becoming more grindy with each major patch.


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On 4/15/2021 at 4:57 PM, Merica said:

Thats not good if I wanted a pve game there are plenty out there lmao.

This is what most of us have stated for the last 6 months if not more. Problem is they just dont get it

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