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Mortal Online 2: Hope?

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As the pillars of the 2010's crowdfunded MMORPG gold rush begin to crumble around us; as the last hopes for a competently built sandbox vaporize into the ether; as the heroes of early MMORPG development fall; in this era of darkness--a glimmer of light is seen from a most unexpected direction. 


If you are looking for a true sandbox MMORPG, then Mortal Online 2 may become the game you're looking for.  I, of course, make no guarantees, but it does have a lot of potential.  For example, it has many of the features that have been scrapped or "postponed" in Crowfall, it will actually release (unlike Camelot Unchained), and it's not a MOBA.  If you are a fan of sandbox MMORPGs, perhaps look into it.  

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Unreal 4 engine is great and yes MO2 has great potential for those that find open world full loot no easy travel large world full pvp with friendly fire non restricted racial / class design mmorpgs.

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Posted (edited)

Lemme damp your hype a little.

I was an alpha tester for MO1
I own the limited edition 2/999 Mortal Online collector's edition. It was not cheap.
I spent a lot of time on their IRC, talked to their devs a lot. I feel for those devs. They are genuinely nice guys working under an insane amount of workload toward a vision their scale never could have accomplished.

My guild was partly responsible for creating the spammy obsidian spear meta that remained in place for literal years by being smart enough to figure out obsidian daggers but not smart enough to put them on a stick.

If you hear MO memes about big pointy mountain or the death lake, I was there for all that. I thought the game had "promise"

Go play MO1 for a bit. You can play it for free on steam with limited training caps just to get a feel for it. Don't watch an MO 2 trailer just go play their current game. A game that has been around for like a decade. Note the performance, general game feel, and design after many many updates.

That team has a feature creep problem, and a leadership problem, and a funding problem.

I'm not saying its going to be bad, but I am saying that they never really managed to get their original game to a state I would called "finished" let alone "good". It is and has always been kind of a trainwreck. They decided to create and ask people to pay for a new game with essentially the same feature set and gameplay.

They may have learned their lesson and a fresh start might be just what they need to create something that's achievable and good within these limitations. Much of the work already implemented in MO1 might provide a foundation to finally realize the vision they had for the original in a slick new "pay us again" package. but non of my experiences fill me with confidence this is the case. I will happily eat crow and enjoy the game if it is good. It would feel like coming home. However as an OG MO bittervet I will in no wayget on that hype train just yet.

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I have two accounts. The game is very well polished at this state of development, pvp is easy to find and the map is immense. I also played Mortal 1. Once they have all the features in, to eventually include naval combat, it will be amazing.

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