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So I basically finished the entire first map without talking to a single NPC.

Then after finishing the map, i went back and found the first NPC and had to do ALL OF IT over again.  You really need to have a better system for finding and identifying NPC and quests.  I literally did everything without any sort of tutorial and it was fun.  It was lame having to go back and do everything a second time with talking to the NPCs.  That was a major fail.

Also on my list - again - gathering resources should NOT take stamina to do.  That's just stupid and slows the game down for no good reason.

Also, skinning creatures is far too slow.   It's so slow I just stopped because it's boring and I got tired of it.

And finally - not being able to name your character is just a HORRIBLE idea.  I have multiple characters now, but when I play them they all have the same name.  That kills any chance of rollplaying.... and this IS a Role Playing Game is it not?



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