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Beta feedback pluses/minuses

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Race: Fae Class: Assassin Weapon: double dagger

+ Music is something what is very good side of this game
+ Eternal world is something new from me and I like this project
+ Fight is very dynamic and give me a lot of fun
+ Lore items are good idea because I can play and know more about world

- Map is horrible because I can't find anything ! There is no map history and the level of information on it's low
- Gathering and all other jobs are too slow and stamina shouldn't exist
- Static world. There are no events. There is nothing new ... every day is the same
.- Houses without chests or bags with for example lore items makes them useless

= Range monsters never missing my target that is weird and attack me through the environment, but I understand Its beta
= Dying should loot stuff or part of it. Flying by crow give me a lot of fun
= Should be option to change in crow to fast travel
= Crafting is weird for me and I know nothing useful about it from tutorial that why I just say nothing

I end at 19 level, and sorry for that, but I have no more motivation to play. World should be less static to hold me in the game (monster attacks, places to clear from the monsters etc.). I can't say anything about PvP because I meet no one from the others fractions. I will watch the future of this game because the game have a potential but for now is unplayable without weariness.

Thanks for giving me a chance to check this project and I hope we will see each others in the future.

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