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HungerDome SnapTest Tuesday, April 20th

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Hey Crows,

Prepare for the battle today Tuesday, April 20th starting at 1:00 PM CDT - 3 PM CDT (Tuesday, April 20th, 8 PM CEST - 10 PM CEST) and 8 PM - 11 PM CDT (Wednesday, April 21st, 3 AM CEST to 6 AM CEST) on our Test server.

Eternal Champions build your skills in HungerDome this weekend as you prepare for battle. Find out if you have what it takes to compete for $50,000 in Cash & Prizes in the Eternal Champions Series! 

Find out more: Crowfall.com/EternalChampions

You'll need the Test client which you can download at   http://crowfall.com/en/client 

To report any issues with HungerDome please visit our bug thread.  

We'll keep you updated in discord and the lobby when we'll be activating HungerDome, see you there! 


Need more information:  If you load into HungerDome and your mouse/keyboard input is not working, please do Ctrl, Shift F11 and send your client logs to support@crowfall.com

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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