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Suggestion for Hungerdome - Auto Select Last Played Characte

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TL;DR: this suggestion provides a small bit of AFK protection due to long waits for ques which could result in players going AFK.

Greetings folks!

So I've been a part of many of the latest HD tests and I've seen quite a few people go AFK while waiting for the que to finish. Unfortunately, this can often result in players not being present when the que pops and means they are unable to pick their preferred character. I'm not sure how much work it would take, but I think it could be really beneficial if the HD system simply chooses the last played character automatically. This would give us a class that we are more likely to be actively trying to play/practice with while still allowing active people to simply choose another character. Thanks for your time.



TavernSideGaming (TSGi)

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