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HungerDome Tournament Server : Wednesday 4/21

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Please share any bugs you noticed while playing HungerDome. Overall feedback or opinions on systems should be directed to TEST Feedback

If you can provide us with the steps you used to create the bug (reproducible steps), an image or even a short video clip that would be ideal and aid us in getting the bug entered properly into our tracking software. Additionally, if you run across a bug on LIVE, can you please try to reproduce it on our TEST server as well and let us know if you're successful. 

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs, or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com. 

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall


ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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good morning, i will put in portuguese because i can express myself better. eu estava jogando com mirmidon e lutando contra os sátiros no primeiro mapa e quando usava a skill berserker dava problemas com a câmera, ela ficou com algum problema visual q não sei explicar direito, ela ficava "pulando", mas aconteceu apenas lá, antes disso eu mudei a sensibilidade do mouse, mas não acho q tenha relação. A skill jaganata do campeão não faz o que deveria fazer.

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Only real bug I am hearing about is that the leader can queue into a match while some of his group is still technically in a prior match(looking at scores etc).

This causes whoever was still in the prior match to not be queued and to be left out when the queue pops.

So there needs to be some logic where it checks to see if everyone is on lobby screen or something like that when the leader attempts to queue.

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My Human Arbiter was losing his 11th slotted power in Ranged Tray after every death. Reslotting it was also wonky. I'd drag the power into the slot, it would look like it worked, but then when I left the tray management screen it was not slotted. Had to try again several times in most cases.


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Good morning 

so with the change to the hungry and unable to be invulnerable in the fog itself. 
it now seems the confessor ult no only provides that for the 3 seconds when your are stealth. Before this change it was 3 seconds in ult , you where invulnerable and able to get away. This made sense because during this ult you can’t do anything expect move very slowly to a side and hope you can get away. 

now the ult does nothing expect slow you down and you still get hit with everything. All aoes all bleeds everything. So playing any type of confessor feels real week because the ult does nothing for you during that time. 

I am thinking the change to the hunger and fog taking that invulnerability away. Has now effected the confessor ult 


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Isn't really a feedback thread for hungerdome other than ECS, so best place I know is to post here.



I enjoy the archetype only mode a lot more than people bringing whatever they want.

If ACE adds more archetypes and is open to tweaking them, it would be great if there were two different queues in future.

"Ranked" would be archetype only while "Normals" would be bring your custom.

Obviously would need population to support this but if you plan to make it any way an esport, then ranked should match the tournament play.

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So in this setting, what is the point of armor? The pen bonuses that you've given all the classes are above what the armor mitigates. Like yeah, naked should be a no go, but there's literally no point in truly rushing legendary outside of getting ur dps in lego weapons, and even the legendary armor becomes useless against that. Armor breaks and buffs cancel each other out, but for pen there's really nothing.

Example: Titan 6% pen base - Opportunist with 10% against cc for 10 secs every 10 secs which procs off their bleed that applies a slow. Demolisher adds more as well, and factor in that weapons and a chest piece also add more pen. Alpha is also mostly at about the same as well.

In legendary armor ur lucky to get 30% mit but thats also a full set and lot of luck involved, as the gold cost makes it pretty wild to get full legendary sets on all group members especially with it being in the castle under the cap point. But thats a different discussion.

If I get a chance tonight I'll try to get a comparative screenshots to add on.

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The other point, the lego vendor should be moved from the inside of the keep. Having it under the cap circle basically makes it where there's only one point of guaranteed conflict. A group that just wants gear may not value the respawn. A group who wants the respawn may not value the gear. Make it be a choice instead of a "well if you have the respawn you can also camp the vendor from a good vantage point". 

If there was one gryphon spawn I can assure you people would skirt that too. But there's four, enough that it's got value and a scarcity so people are willing to fight over it, and there can be up to four engagements at once. The castle is just too big for the poi to be in one spot while everyone skirts around.

OR get rid of him and legendary gear should just be found.

Edited by Cashbear
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There are a variety of major issues with combat.

Ultimates are really just another skill. You run into combat with them fully charged and they take about 15 seconds to get back up for a 500 sp ult.

Solution: don't let ults charge out of combat. Drain ults once leaving combat and make it take about 1 minute for a 500sp Ult if not longer.

To many multipliers

People in Crowfall either explode instantly or never die. This is due to multipliers. When I neck breaker someone the damage is calculated as follows: Base Damage * Crushing damage bonus * damage bonus * high/low health modifier* movement speed modifier *Power damage multiplier*Critical damage multiplier* (1-armor of target+ armor pen%) * (1- targets PDM). Tool tips of 1k-1.1k can hit for 3.5k - 4k. Why oh why do we have so many multipliers. Its just way out of hand. This causes people to just die. On the other side the stacking of buffs and debuffs can cause the reverse effect. If someone is sitting protection stake with sturdy they are at 40% PDM. Then toss on 1 or 2 wee ones and enemy damage is debuffed 20-40%.  How do you kill something like that? Fights end in 10 seconds or not at all.

Solution: remove some of these stats and maybe reconsider 25% PDM protection stakes... or reduce the PDM cap to 20% or something

Armor/Armor pen

Classes can routinely getting anywhere from 10 - 30ish% armor pen while legendary armor is getting people to about 3000 armor or 30% in plate. Melee classes are getting pen buffs from discs for 15%, 6% base from the tree and any additional buffs from the class. Titan for instance gets 31%. Alpha gets 21%. This does not include and debuffs that classes/races get which is 20%. MOST CLASSES ARE DOING TRUE DAMAGE 100% OF THE TIME. Why have armor when people are doing true damage regardless of armor tier?

Solution: buff armor values on armor. Reduce armor penetration from buffs/debuffs. True damage should almost never happen.


CC is a absurd in crowfall. Ask anyone, they will tell you. Many many posts have been made regarding this. Please oh ACE god save us from 40-50% of the time in combat being on the ground. 6 second knockdowns are not fun.

Solution: rip some of the CCs out of CC classes. Non CC classes still have 2-3 hard CCs for no reason at all.

Edited by Balathan
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1 hour ago, Balathan said:

Armor/Armor pen

Damage type in Crowfall is mostly just for flavor, which is odd since there are like 12 different types of damage you can deal. This is mostly due to how bad armor (the items, not the stat) is and the way armor (the stat, not the items) works.

First off, the value on armor is just all around too low. Everything passively breaks or negates armor in amounts typically greater than you can get on gear. 

Why does armor break eat into armor and resistance? (final mitigations) If it actually only worked vs armor, it would be more impactful vs high armor targets compared to a low armor target that has resistances.

All 3 tiers of armor do the same thing, they just give the armor stat which negates all types of damage. You can craft gear focused on one type of mitigation, but not in any amounts that actually matters.

I wish that what armor to wear was a choice that I cared about. There are lots of things that could be done. I'm not going to list any suggestions, but armor is boring, and your damage type doesn't matter.

Edited by Yoink


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55 minutes ago, Yoink said:

This is mostly due to how bad armor (the items, not the stat) is and the way armor (the stat, not the items) works.

Itemization in general is pretty bland. For a game mode that takes a fair bit of inspiration from MOBAs, this is one area they could crib more heavily. Having interesting choices in what gear to buy, and having it impact your build in significant ways would add a lot to HungerDome.

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Noticed tonight regarding the Confessor ult. If you Push it while some Projectile was coming at your, it will trace you no matter what while in your Ult. 

Also in the castle, Nadoes will disappear on certain parts of the castle.

Guards all over in all keeps, and castles can pull you from different levels


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