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Find Your Team of Five and Get Rewarded

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ECS Sign-Up Bounty Now Available! 

The gods are determined to end the threat of the Hunger! They are rewarding Crows who sign up for the Eternal Champions Series Twitch Tournament! Their call to action for Crows is Find Your Five and Stay Alive! 

Starting today, Crows who sign up to compete for $50,000 in cash and prizes by participating in the ECS '21 Series can get rewarded! The Gods are offering a powerful new reward to teams of five, who apply by May 13th (last chance to apply for one of the six Qualifier Rounds) - the ECS Sigil. When equipped this regal Sigil adds an additional +25 to your Attack and Support Power! A powerful new Sigil from the Gods can mean only one thing, a rare reward for Crows. You’ll need to move fast to take advantage of this bounty. Join the battle in HungerDome(™) and rise as an Eternal Champion!


May the Gods guide you on your path to victory.

Apply Now:  Crowfall.com/EternalChampions

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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