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HungerDome Tournament Server: April 23

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Please share any bugs you noticed while playing HungerDome. Overall feedback or opinions on systems should be directed to TEST Feedback

If you can provide us with the steps you used to create the bug (reproducible steps), an image or even a short video clip that would be ideal and aid us in getting the bug entered properly into our tracking software. Additionally, if you run across a bug on LIVE, can you please try to reproduce it on our TEST server as well and let us know if you're successful. 

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs, or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com. 

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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The Castle door at the N side of the Castle seemed to be bugged and behaving as if the door was closed even after it opened. Confirmed with another group that was there also.
After respawning at the N keep we attempted to enter the Castle but were unable to and due to the timing of the game were locked out to perish to the Hunger.
Have video



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Multiple instances where we keep getting teleported to a higher floor, lower floor or even roof (straight y-axis) whenever a pull mechanic is applied by enemies to us.

We were even stuck here and couldn't get out for 10-15 seconds.


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Got an error as soon as I got to the character select screen where it told me the max characters of the same promotion were reached even though I hadn't selected anything. It then proceeded to select a random archetype 4 times even though I selected Fury every time. So something went wrong there.

Got returned to the lobby while loading into HD twice. Managed to rejoin twiice by re-starting client. Re-joining from lobby didn't work.

Doorwars into castle didn't work. You just rubberband in and out. Happened at several door spots.

Random vertical teleoprtations happening both in the castle and in houses within the castle walls. You get teleported a floor higher or lower, ended up being stuck inside a rood of a house for a bit as well.

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