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HungerDome Testing on LIVE - Now with Archetypes

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Great news, the ECS Tournament Archetypes are on the LIVE Server in the HungerDome arena.

  • Players can play with the tournament Archetypes or a Level 30 or above character 
  • Join the battle on LIVE (TUES - FRI)
  • 1 PM - 3 PM CDT (8 PM to 10 PM CEST)
  • 8 PM - 11 PM CDT (3 AM - 6 AM CEST)

New to Crowfall? The Eternal Champions Series is a Twitch Tournament event that offers a $50,000 prize pool in cash and prizes. Players apply as a team; Qualifiers are open!

SIGN-UP FOR ECS AND GET REWARDED - Find your Team of 5 and apply to compete by May 4, to earn the ECS Sigil, when equipped adds +25 to your Attack and Support Power!

For more information visit: Crowfall.com/eternal-champions/compete

You can check out the daily Schedule for HungerDome here.

Good luck, Crows!

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Seems a very odd and misguided choice to stop doing HD on tournament client.

People interested in practicing for HD tournament no longer have a good place to practice versus other archetypes.

It seems like ACE is not taking the tournament seriously if they aren't allowing teams to practice in an environment that mirrors the actual tournament.

PLEASE reconsider no tournament client times, or EVEN BETTER, implement a way to make queues be archetypes only for the live server.

Edited by Ussiah
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So in the week up to the live tournaments, they're removing the ability to practice in the tournament environment?

And before anyone says 'just use the archetypes on the live server', we were doing that by building them on the Test server before, and the tournament builds at lvl 30 are far outclassed by custom builds at 35.

If anyone was still trying to decide team comps, they're out of luck.  You cannot get an accurate idea of how they perform when you have custom build 35s in the picture.

Edited by Ravensight
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