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I can not be arsed... but do it anyway

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These things prolly been taken up alot of times.

Sound/music levels - change them - client crashes. But lowers alot when someone on vocal talks.

Used a workaround - got game running. Changed some keysettings.  
Had to run game from shortcut as admin. Keysettings was saved.

Had to run game from folder as admin. Alot worked, but UI when giving intel to "new player" is... 'where is my magnify glasses?' 
Stuck on a quest and could not minimize settings to see settings fast where they are located/called.

Had to start game from folder as admin, settings turned back to default, crashed on open settings.
Skipped open settings, Workaround for sound did not work, only when put it at 0% volume it was fine, at 1% it was SCREAM IN YOUR EARS!
Crashed when go to settings....

This game, currently, get -3 out of 1-10. +1 for effort

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