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Illara, Goddess Of Cats

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This piece of concept art was featured in the Gamespot article on Crowfall (http://www.gamespot.com/articles/crowfall-solving-the-endgame-problem/1100-6425473/).




Illara is represented on the "faction tree" as one of the Goddesses of Balance and her symbol appears to be a dead rat...somewhat fitting for a Cat Goddess I think.


Shadowbane had a series of dieties known as "The Beast Lords" who were associated with various species of animals, and were a throwback to Moorcock's Beastlords. Illara might be similar to Moorcock's Meerclar, Mistress of Cats.

Edited by soulein

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Oooh, I want to be a Beet Lord too. Beets are good for you.

Bears eat beets.

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