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6.520.0 Live Bug Reports for 4/28/2021

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In the NPE, at the east gate of the keep in the sun temple zone, pigs are having pathing issues crossing the threshold of the entrance when this gate is built up. Get a pig, run to the east gate, enter the gate, attempt to cross the threshold into the keep, the pig will turn away and attempt move through the wall hallway to reach you.

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since the last update, some gap appear in my EK ( Communauté de l'arbre clair ) between all tower and wall, for example :

  • 1443,2,1307
  • 1421,1,1315
  • 1370,1,1357
  • 1353,0,1369


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The Elks merge with the group and you cant loot, you have to walk away from it and then come back to do the loot. Also the Loot All option doesnt always work.


The net speed is insanely bad, I was lagging and some times it wouldnt move my character.


I have uploaded the image here: https://imgur.com/a/mhniPsV


For some reason your image URL wont work!.



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After dying my health went up 1.5k and healers in my group were unable to res me.





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I was playing the campaign and noticed the following issues:

 - Chat function doesn't allow you to type, not sure if lag or an issue with the chat box but it's so slow.

 - Fighting monsters and not being able to pick items up for a long period of time after the monster has been killed.

The game is a bit laggy from time to time even though I dont get frame rate drops or ms drops.

If you can allow for a mini map to be placed in the top right of the screen and more detail about quests. Auto aim shouldnt be on either, right click to look would be better as having the ability to click around the screen makes for a better UI and I can't be bothered to press I all the time.

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Posted (edited)

Fort guards are occasionally teleporting to unreachable areas in the roof of the fort, making the fort unable to be captured. This may be related to pull abilities teleporting targets to the floor above the user, I'm not sure. This happened to a group of us in Infected at Joeil Dawn's Fort in Skypoint. A ranger guard got teleported to one of the covered nooks of the roof and was not targetable by spells and abilities. The ranger could still shoot out, however.

P.S. the teleport bug is pretty horrific and is having an impact on all forms of play including the ECS.

Edited by Pystkeebler
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On 4/30/2021 at 10:23 AM, RonnoGaming said:

Beta 6.520.0-cf1482e9
Issue: Inventory not opening while run toggled on.
What should occur: Inventory should open while running.
What happens: Inventory flashes for one frame and disappears.
To reproduce:
1. Toggle NumLock/AutoRun/W to begin running.
2. Press "I"/Middle mouse click while run animation is active.
3. Will flash inventory in a single frame then disappear.

There is a box you need to check to keep inventory open while running. Check your settings.

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Conquerer Myrmidon: When you have 1s left on the CC Immunity u get from Rage and start spinning with Whirlwind(that should apply new CC Immunity) the CC Immunity doesn't refresh/renew.

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