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Mouse sensitivity 0 is too high

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Hey there. 

Currently when I set my mouse sensitivity to 0, one movement from one side of my mousepad to the other results in about 8 spins. When I lower my mouse sensitivity outside of the game to around two spins, I then have to pick my mouse up repeatedly to drag it across the screen when it is no longer locked for use as camera movement. I spent a while combing through files and was unable to find a variable to set my mouse sensitivity any lower, like I have done to a couple of games like this in the past. Would it be possible to lower the sensitivity for a setting of 0 and just let people finetune the control?

Mouse sensitivity in a first or third person camera game is very important to me and I am not willing to change my mouse setup just for this game, when I already have hundreds of games finetuned for how it is currently set. 

Please lower the sensitivity of '0' and allow users to set decimal values (For example, my sensitivity in source games is usually around 0.052).

Thank you.


Apologies if this is the wrong place for this post, I clicked to leave feedback in-game and it led me here. 

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I would like to add to this, as I too like to have a very specific sensitivity in the games I play, especially in PvP games. My problem is not that I can not lower it enough but I would like to set it to a more precise value. In my case to a value between 10 and 20 (Like 15 or 14). I do imagine that Wunk would run into the same problem as me, if it was possible to set the mouse sensitivity lower that it is right now.

Furthermore after looking through the settings, I was not able to find anywhere I could turn off the mouse acceleration, which is something I really would like to disable. Is it correct that it is not possible to turn it off?

Thanks for reading my post.

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