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6.520 TEST Feedback for 4/29/2021

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TEST Patch Notes  

Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to TEST Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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  • Bottled steam:  200g added to every single factory rune tool is prohibitively high enough that I'm unlikely to ever use it.  I'll spend four minutes of clicking if it means saving for an extra domination dust.  Knock it down to 50g and we're in business.
  • It's getting a little irritating that every time a new Infected world is generated, I get tossed into a faction I don't want to be in.  Please remove the cooldown period from the first faction change after joining a world.  A lot of your new beta testers will thank you, too.  Many of them play with their friends to lvl. 18 in God's Reach, but are then separated when joining the Infected for the rest of their levels.
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So my feedback for the game is shown on my Twitch Stream at https://www.twitch.tv/vanillaonlyxd where me and my friend CowCow played the game. TLDR, I thought that the game had a good idea such as the food system, but the story, at least in the beginning, wasn't really engaging and there seemed to be too much food gained when gathering food. Combat-wise I'll say that it feels clunky and having to combo feels weird. The dodge roll also doesn't seem to do anything when the enemy are only hitting you with basic attacks that follow you whenever and wherever, but it is useful for AoE attacks. Other than that, the dodge roll seems only good for covering ground. As a knight, the chain attack was weird as in why would you use it? If it taunted the enemy grabbed then it's good, but right now it seems to be quite useless too since the only value from it is damage, bringing an enemy closer, which doesn't really help since the mobs don't run and will just follow and attack you. The shield bash requires a double tap and the after effect also has a cooldown, which is weird. In terms of talents, I'm not sure why the talents gives stats because that seems to change the difficulty of the mobs since you as a character have additional stats that could outrank them. Now from the view on a cleric. My friend CowCow was a cleric, but his heals seemed very very weak and my own regen out of combat out sourced his healing.

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38 minutes ago, VanillaOnly said:

As a knight, the chain attack was weird as in why would you use it? If it taunted the enemy grabbed then it's good, but right now it seems to be quite useless too since the only value from it is damage, bringing an enemy closer, which doesn't really help since the mobs don't run and will just follow and attack you.

You'd use it in PvP.


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First impressions:

1) Visually, I am unimpressed.  I feel like the world is bland looking and very reminiscent of late 90's Playstation 1 art style.
2) The story isn't very engaging to start with and I'm running back and forth all over the place from the left side of the map to learn how to cook, then to the south side to learn how to sacrifice, then to the west side to craft, then back to the left to kill, then back to the right to turn something in, then starting all over.
3) The hud has too much on it that doesn't make sense and isn't readily explained as to what the various items are.

I'll check it out again, but this is just thought from my first 30 minutes of playing

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I joined a party to level. Ok the hold F and press Y is clunky as hell.

The party was ok except the looting aspect.

Why is group chat in another window. Why can't I combine windows. Why is every chat seperated to its own tab and slides off of the default UI and why can I not combine them.

We had a good time then wanted to leave group.

I understand the developers loved shadowbane but you don't have to do everything like it is the early 2000s.


The UI is there. Let me use it. Let me right click on my portrait to leave. Or to kick. Why is /leavegroup the only way.

Let me combine tabs or set what is shown in each tab. Give me something I can customize here.


Why am I playing a linux.

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I just ran by a place being captured by the enemy. Only two people, but I'm not strong enough so I leave.

I find another player from my faction real close, grinding. He has a messed up name so what are my options for asking him for help or warning him.


I could send him a tell but the ME tab is always lit up if you are farming. I could use the general tab which is on by default, but that is cross faction and a lot of new players don't know that. I could use the kingdom tab but no one looks at this.


In other games there would be a local chat or even speech bubbles that other people can see. But not here. It is like the entire chat system was an after thought or made for consoles. Or you made the game expecting everyone to use voice instead of typing.


I am just baffled in every direction the more I look at this game and ways to interact with other players and there are always roadblocks that have been standard for over 10 years.


Also tell the programmer that said to create slash commands that are copy of internal functions to knock that off. Even if I may never type it, /ekincrementvassaltokencount is a bad thing.

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a few things on my wishlist:

1. The ability to move/rescale HuD elements.

2. Mouse Wheel Up/Down as Keybinding choices

3. Combo keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt)+ 1,2,3ect as Keybinding choices

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I have tried this game till i was level 12. So my feedback is just a piece of the hole game.

1. It's a beta, thats fine. So the graphic hasn't to be that good. But in fact right now, there is a lot of details missing. 

2. I did nearly nothing else than running from one point to another and back and again. Frostweaver is confusing with the skills and the different kinds of ice. It has potential, but isnt explained enough and in the beginning just confusing. But whatever. I dont needed to fight much so it doesn't realy matter. 

The Idea to explain everything is good, but could or should be on smaller space. Not knowing how everything is working on level 12 is not fun.

3. The UI is too big and I cant scroll out from the character. So I am missing a lot of the world. 

4. No storytelling. Who am I, why am I what happened? There are hints to a story, but till no I have no idea whats going on. 

5. Details for character pls. Besides of colours there is not much how i can create my OWN character. You should definitifly work on more options for uniqe characters.


In the end the game has potential and maybe the start is just a bit too long and will be better while growing up in level. So I will give it a try again in the next days. 

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Still really struggling to engage with the game with such a small field of view.  Feels like I've got tunnel vision with my character taking up a massive amount of screen real estate.

Also, why can't I open inventory and other screens while moving? I get why you might implement having to be stationary while summoning a mount or portal, but having to stop moving to engage with every last option is tedious.

Finally, looting. Not everyones preference maybe, but I have never enjoyed clicking loot. Would be far better to autocollect until you are full imo or just walk over it. Making me press a key to do this is a waste of keyboard input options and another disruption to immersion. The way rewards drop from farming is far more satisfying. 

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Posted (edited)

I found it terribly boring once you died. I had no idea where to go. My team had no clue and wasn't helpful- probably new as well. I'm sure there will be alot of people like me that won't read the how-to's and jump in. I played UO years ago and once dead you had to hunt down your body as a ghost then you could revive. I played it 30 days and quit. If this will be the norm for this game I probably won't ever play it and TY for giving me the opportunity to check it out before regretfully buying it.

Edited by Godsdemon
forgot to add something
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I don't actually know if this is intentional or not

The item Planishing Hammer of the High Forge is the ONLY additive slot type recipe unlock item from the crafting set (I'm not including the mount recipe here because thats a general crafting thing) that doesn't require a trait unlocked by the Rare level crafting belt. You can use the item as soon as you equip a armorsmithing discipline.

Its just odd that its out of line with all the other ones so I think it may be an oversight perhaps?

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Sorting option in the inventory/searchbar
dropdown menu for craftingmaterials in the crafting interface
instanced loot in groups

more customization optins in the character creation

ceep up the good work!

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