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Crowfall PvP - Fort Fight: Death VS Hax - 04/27/21


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This was another great example of how there are multiple ways to be effective in the field when it comes to combat in Crowfall. Not long ago we spent some time running an Alpha spec and had great success, but took some criticism - here we field our more traditional mixed-force group with a good amount of ranged and have similar good results. When you are solid with your movement and positioning, making good calls etc, you can be successful with multiple force compositions. Again, one of the fantastic things about Crowfall, there are usually multiple ways to achieve a goal. Great fight guys!

I also want to give big props to groups like Hax and Valeria, Corvus and Acolytes, basically any guild or group that is out there night after night creating the real content for this game
, the PvP - it's been a long haul and some people have taken a break but kudos to all of you who are still out here doing the damn thing.


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