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ACE Q&A Livestream May 4th 11 AM CST / 6 PM CEST

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The May ACE Q&A Livestream is Tuesday, May 4th at 11 AM CDT (6 PM CEST).  We are excited to share upcoming plans and, as usual, we will have a few content reveals and surprises, followed by our community Q&A. 

Thanks for your support, we would not be here without you!

Post your questions here, as a reply and please put the word <QUESTION> at the beginning for easy curation. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible during the Q&A. Remember, questions should be directly related to Crowfall updates and gameplay. Please limit the conversations in this thread to just questions!


ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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<QUESTION> Currently at the end of a Dregs campaign, players are unceremoniously dumped to the lobby - would it be possible to have a HungerDome match at the end instead where the queue is populated by players from said Dregs campaign, selected through a variety of possible methods?

(I have several very cool ideas for ways to integrate that btw)

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<Question> Passive skills were taken out and long term progression has vanished. What will you be replacing it with? 


<Question> What measures to add infected / dregs content have been taken? HD is not core content. 

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Shadowbane style advantage / disadvantage disciplines when? ~Yianni 1/21/21

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<Question> When is the crafting discipline grind going to be moving to something more fun, less tedious, time consuming and resource wasting?

<Question> Can rivets, buckles and leather padding actually get worthwhile stats? 

<Question> A lot of necromancy additives mostly humorous and some eyes don't actually give any benefits for most classes/promotion, can we get better stats?

<Question> WTF are we supposed to do with siege equipment and components that was given as rewards since we can't import them?

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<Question> Are you going to consider adding some kind of rewards to regular Hunger Dome matches? (i.e. 5th place players get 1000 gold per member, 4th place 2000 gold, etc. to incentivize people to fill queues without breaking the economy)


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When you equip a purple harvesting belt and are in Dregs, you now have access for exotic exploration disc drops(Villein, Hoarder, Foreman, etc.) Is the RNG for those discs included in with the underlying RNG for the specific harvesting discipline, or is it separate? 

My personal experience, I did over an hour of mining, and only got 3 Miner disciplines, despite it being 1 out of 5 possible disc drops. The exact same thing happened when skinning, where I only got Skinner and none of the possible exotics. 

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42 minutes ago, Jarkul said:

When you equip a purple harvesting belt and are in Dregs, you now have access for exotic exploration disc drops

Exotic runestone drops are enabled by using an advanced soulstone tool, not your harvesting belt.  Make sure the tools you're using look similar to the one below:



Soulstone tools can be made by a Runemaker with a blue quality crafting belt.  If you already have the correct kind of tool, then it sounds like just a run of bad luck.


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Can somebody address me to a summary?

Thanks :)


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Catelyn: Because it will not last. Because they are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.

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