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Why Crowfall Will Succeed (Brotherly Love)


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I'm Sorry J. Todd Coleman... I couldn't keep the secret anymore. 


Guys i know who the big funders were and it should be no surprise it was J. Todd Colemans half brother who is making our dreams come true.  ;)




Does everyone remember when J.Todd was saying that in the future he is gonna have to sell equity to help fund this project further. There is a good chance mark has gotten J.Todd a spot on Shark Tank to sell part of his company. 


What mark has done is invest a small part to the company now to get the kickstarter rolling and by us smaller spenders seeing the big donations it helps us believe we can make the goal, basically making a snowball effect. 


I feel J.Todd didn't wan't his brother too involved in this so he could show he can make a successful business without his brothers money.



The cats out the bag now but my question to all of your is how much equity do you think Mark Cuban will want?  :D


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"What will the dragons/sharks/suits want?"
>51% shares
>Creative control
>Safe investment

Getting big business in control of Crowfall will kill it, as sure as handing over the keys to Actiblizzard or EA or whomever else. Right now, the people in charge are passionate individuals with experience in the industry. That's buzz-speak for 'They know what game they want to make, and they know how to make it'; These are our people in charge here, the guys who made the games that we all played. Contrast that with dispassionate investors, who don't care about the product so much as its bottom line.

The Dragons don't want to make a good game. They don't care about a good game. In the words of Kevin O'Leary, they care about

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The show is pretty funny sometimes.


Business owner guy: I am willing to sell a 5% stake in my company for $500,000 which is needed to upgrade our production so we can meet demand.


Shark: You are valuing your company at 10 million? It's not worth a fraction of that.  I'll give you $20,000 for 95% ownership.


Business owner guy: Deal!

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