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6.520.0 Live Feedback for 5/5/2021

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Update Notes

Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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The crafting menu is horrible, i understood the exploration runes so far, now i just wanted to craft a so called "mystical staff", for which i need a "heel mold". What is that? Where can I get it? It says there is mutliple race variants, that doesn't help at all. And that's a big crafting problem in general, it's just too complicated.

There need to be logical links to what are the ingredients and how to get them, is just an easy tooltip implemention, nothing more. I bought a staff heel from the blacksmith seller and how i kinda knew already it was not the item needed. So I literally need to hope that it randomly appears somewhere or somebody is online and looking the chat to answer my question... it's jsut frustrating and atleast at low level crafting even more frustrating, I spent like 30mins to craft my first stuff and it turns out to be worse than what i wear and randomly looted.

Also there is a big problem with detail on ingredients when you have a crafting rule like "all wood used need to be the same quality" (not the exact sentence but I think you know what I mean). I would think as a player that item quality is given by the description "common" and so on... but it's not? How am I supposed to know what the quality is then? My guess was that the sentence is just wrong and it means "same wood" not "same quality", which worked perfectly in the end but it's such a long way to get through all this.

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This game just feels bad for new players. I understand it's a community based game, but the early game is impossible by yourself, which makes you rely on other people. Trying to figure out what crafts what shouldn't be this complicated. I also dislike how unforgiving this game is, if you join the game late, you're up against legendary players who has more than enough means necessary to capitalize on other places. Leaving those who join the game too late, impossibly hard to play. The progression for crafting is tooooo steep, compared to how little gold you get, forcing you to have to go to the campaign to try to farm gold. But you can't because you're too late within the "campaign" to be able to farm gold because you'll be killed by higher level people who were here before you. A better crafting system in terms of progression compared to difficulty is Albion online,  there's just tooo many resources required to get to rare crafting level and beyond that is just frustrating. The fact that the crafting system relies on soooo much gold to further progress is insane. I enjoy this game, but I feel the crafting system needs to be relooked at in terms of the progression and player friendliness. Some people just want to craft/gather and having to pvp to get any sort of gold (which is either too slow to gather or too high of a risk), is just demoralizing for newer players. Crafting should be a skill that you grow over time based off of how frequently you craft/harvest and it should make the crafter/gather that what they're doing is vital to the economy. Which brings me to my last point, there is no good player based market, meaning that there is not much (if any) of a market for crafting items. So often, you have to play this game with other people that specialize in different things and rely on their good faith to provide the necessary materials. Whereas if you had a decently implemented player market, you could buy the materials that you needed, further stimulating the player economy. So to summarize, the gameplay "loop" is too grindy and unfriendly towards newer players and if you're going to have such a grindy system, you NEED a more accessible player wide market (or hell even faction wide.) to sustain such a crafting system and a better way earn gold if crafting is going to rely so HEAVILY on gold.

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So I was told today and ran a test to confirm that you can’t make heavy sickles. I find it very arbitrary that the game allows frost weavers,  pistol deulists, and radical clerics use heavy weapons but exclude them from all other ranged classes.

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I would like to see a vendor stall style location on infected but for guilds to recruit via NPC. Put it near the faction switch location and make the faction switch option more visible. Or have a popup warning people that this guild will chose your faction for you on infected and that there are others available on the other factions.

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I consider being able to respec without having to pay with cash, be it either VIP as this game has or through a token, a QoL improvement that most new modern games have and SHOULD have.

Players should be able to try out new builds without throwing away their character, which will be quite a problem when they have higher tier vessels and since this will occur whenever a balance patch happens, non VIP players should be able to respec too, either by paying with gold, could be maybe 10k, an amount i consider that takes some time to get but at the same time doesn't hinder the the player's enjoyment in any way, or maybe through sacrificing since i don't see many other uses of that system at the moment.

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Posted (edited)

Ranger talent alertness and flare arrow needs a buff . Taking hunter minor over the talent is 100% no brainer seeing it has higher uptime and same perception and atk pwr  buff. They should be a choice do i want to take the talent to give an option on minor or should i take the minor and get a extra talent to put else ware. Pluss i dont even slot the flare arrow it literally does nothing for me . I get more damage off using a rapid fire or the root shot. Flare arrow needs some work as well. It use to expose the target and rapid fire use to punish expose . that use to be a great combo no idea why it changed. 

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Posted (edited)

I thought there would be a feedback survey or something, but I guess this is where you leave feedback. So I am going to give my two cents on what needs to be added. If they are listed somewhere else in here, well then, it means its needed. So lets begin.

1-Optimization for loading into new areas. High priority, this is insanely bad.

2-Having to go to the game start menu as part of a quest is horrific @ best, this should be a convoy person or some type of teleport. Welcome to Game dev 101.

3-Minimap, basic stuff guys.

4-Quest tracker, basic stuff guys.

5-tooltips for everything, basic stuff guys.

6-Crafting needs some work, IE tool tips for what I need explicitly and how to obtain it. 

7-Explanation on what the end skills are and how they are connected to the Rune stones and their synergy, I got it, but it is not explained well. 

8-Ability to look @ inventory while mount movement.

9-Crafting is tedious when you don't know what you need to proceed.

10-Why when an avatar dies, do I have to click so many things, its like 4 things. (ghost, port, materialize, and something else - cant remember) 

11-More PVE content, else niche game (dungeons, world quest, etc., etc...) I get it, its beta, but --has to be said.

12-Armor, weapon, anything that has durability: durability decay on damage is to fast in my opinion, why craft anything when your going to need to replace it 2 days later.

13-More work on the storyline, its there, but needs to be a little more engaging.

14-More levels, level 30 is not enough in my option, maybe a level 50-60 max (with more pve content obviously.)

There are other things I cant remember @ the moment, but this is not a negative review, I think the game has some potential and got 6 level 30s from specs I liked - but I wanted to leave some constructive feedback as I feel obligated to do so as I have not purchased the game and played the beta for free and am interested in the future of this game. 


1 thing I really liked and wanted to mention, is the necromancy system to cast a new vessel with higher starting stats. This is genuinely a very unique and  nice addition to game mechanics as a whole for the gaming industry. It's the first time I have seen it and it deserves to be applauded. This is such a good mechanic it should be mentioned in the videos for the game and on the front page of the site, this is an amazing thing that I hope all games do in the future. Kudos to the creators inception. 


Best of Luck on it, will keep my eye on it.

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Forgot to add something again.
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Overall i am enjoying the game and the way it is laid out! I would recommend a slower span time for mobs. The reason I say that is because if you kill something and try to harvest it, or look at the loot you picked up, you don't have the time as the mobs respawn before you finish and interrupt the process. I know the process isn't reset, but it is slightly aggravating to have to stop every few seconds. Thanks for the game!

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My feedback from my first day of playing:

Walking closing inventory/crafting screen feels bad

The icons of items in your inventories do not have great readability. When trying to craft, I found it difficult to find wood/metal etc. and when sacrificing spending 3 seconds mousing over everything to see what it was felt frustrating.

Targetting NPCs to initiate dialogue feels precise

Starting out with abilities on my bars but no obvious way to mouseover them was confusing

The loading screens seemed especially slow. The game was small so a fair bit seems streamed, but the loading is noticeably slow

When you change a graphics setting it automatically applies. This made it difficult to change certain settings.

It was not clear when you got items from quests and not clear when you leveled up.

Some of the quests were confusing. I was usually not sure where I was meant to go.

The leash range of some mobs feels short

The map takes a minute to open. This made figuring out where I was hard.

Scrolling to read a talent and having the talent window zoom out felt wrong

Theres not meter for how many arrows you have, and no way to tell how degraded your pick/axe is without opening the inventory

Changing your ability bar feels a little awkward. I would like to be able to drag abilities that are on bars and "swap" abilities.

Some of the keybinds feel awkward: Z and U for weapon switches was weird

It was hard to find active PvP spots: usually felt like nothing was contested


What I liked:

The talent trees were really cool

The combat was fun

It looks great

The races are cool

The classes look fun

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28 minutes ago, WashableWater said:

Walking closing inventory/crafting screen feels bad

There is an option in settings to deactivate that. The default setting should probably be swapped though.


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The ward system makes sieges look like a big joke. Small keep and Castle devolve down to the defenders sitting on top ward with 50 for 60minutes. How is this exciting content? Please fix the ward system or create other routes that all classes can use. Big Keep is an example of a multi route location that keeps the fight moving and requires defenders to have a brain.

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Since I just received my beta invite a couple of days ago, my focus here will be on the initial new player experience, unlike most of the other posters in this thread. Perhaps that will be of some value. I would think so because first impressions are extremely important in any mmorpg for maintaining player numbers.

In no particular order:

- love the variety of class/race/specialization combinations that appear to be available. I can see this being a huge draw for many gamers. 

- I can't decide if I like the graphic style or not. I'm not even sure if this is the final graphics look or if the simplicity suggests placeholders? On the one hand, I've never really liked the sharp, angular look that many recent developed games have like Black Desert Online. OTOH these graphics are almost too basic.

- I found myself wishing for a way to mouseover some of the UI features for explanations of what they were. For instance, the dial in the bottom right of the screen. What that heck is that? It seems to be a day/night indicator with the lower bar being the seasons perhaps? 

- the initial set of quests would be nice if they were specific to race/class choices, though again perhaps the current starting area is just a placeholder to be replaced with a more specific starting experience on launch? I understand this is a PvP game and the focus isn't on PvE content but I'd humbly suggest you have to attract the sheep to retain the lions and wolves or risk a quick burnout like seems to happen with most PvP focused games. I'm not actually sure any PvP game has got this balancing act quite right. I guess it depends on how you guage success.

- it's not clear to me how the 'pip' system works with an assassin or templar or how Sin works with a confessor. A better explanation of this is needed in my opinion (which could be accomplished with a more specific starting set of quests). It almost seem to me that the game has been developed with the unspoken, perhaps even subconscious, assumption that the players are already familiar with these systems. This is a mistake because you don't want to turn off new players who know nothing about the game but wanted to try it out. 

- the combat system is decent and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to getting up to a level that can engage in PvP.

- more descriptive explanations of what the different worlds harbour could be included at the selection screen. Again there seems to be an underlying assumption that players already know the differences.

- perhaps even a description of the overall, longterm system of campaigns and world differences could be included in the world selection screen. I'm still a little hazy on how it all works myself. Lazy of me not to research it? Sure, but if you are already determining that 'lazy' players don't deserve to be treated like they are as important to the success of the game as more dedicated players (or perhaps just players that have more free time on their hands eh?) then that's not a good sign. Not saying it's the way it is, just giving me opinion on how the initial player experience 'feels' to me.

- I like the inventory and banking system. Simple and effective. Hate the mechanic of dragging stuff around like some games make you do.

- I've never been a huge crafter but I like the basis of the mechanics of it here. Simple and effective.

- I notice the first mount you get disappears in combat. I'm hoping that isn't the case for all mounts and there will be some mounted warfare in the final game. 

- i notice the odd grammatical or spelling error. Need to clean those up. Not sure if I should list that kind of stuff in a thread. Seems like something that should go more directly to staff.

- overall, I'd pay to play this game. Want to see what the final pvp is like first. Good thing for Crowfall there isn't a lot for PvPers to choose from these days if they don't like EVE.


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Posted (edited)

A couple relatively "modest" suggestions for the conquest game that might spice things up in the shorter term:

  • Consider having groups of outposts become active on a rolling hourly siege schedule, and others be inactive. Have outposts yield conquest at a faster tick rate, multiple times during an active window.
    • I think this would help localize competition, lead to more conflict over outposts during their active period, and produce less circle capping. It also makes this kind of a multi-point king-of-the-hill minigame.
  • Consider having forts yield conquest points at a faster tick rate, multiple times during an active window.
    • I think this would encourage more fighting during the active window, and not just the five minute rush. Also, it creates more strategy around choosing which forts to take and hold to maximize conquest gains.
  • Consider allowing guilds to invest resources in forts to increase their conquest point yields more. If possible, have forts pay out some of this investment in loot boxes if control flips.
    • This is a kind of wager system where a guilds can choose a fort to be of particular strategic value. It helps add some more strategy to the conquest game, and changes the siege landscape by creating higher value targets driven by player choices.
  • Consider having pigs only spawn around (+/-1 hr) siege windows.
    • The only saving grace of running pigs is that they are kind of fun when contested. Don't force players to grind escort quests, uncontested, during off-peak hours. This becomes a running simulator real fast.
  • Consider having pigs only spawn in adventure zones that have no keeps.
    • This one is a bit more disruptive to multiple game systems. But, the problem it seeks to address is the scenario where a guild has an entire zone locked down and is able to run pigs without competition. As stated above, this is non-ideal gameplay.
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