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6.520.0 Live Feedback for 5/7/2021

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Posted (edited)

Here ith mine feedback.


I feel the tutorial/beginning area is drawn out too much. It makes you run long distances which is pretty boring, when all the NPCs for the most part could be grouped up in one area and the tutorial could be more streamlined and faster. 


The map seems pretty useless, and so do mounts. Mounts barely move faster then walking, to the point where using leaping abilities and dodge is actually faster. The tutorial mentions sprinting by using shift and rolling by double-tapping a direction but both seem broken. Dodging doesn't seem to do much either, since melee attacks seemed to hit me even when I dodged physically out of range (Mostly noticeable on wolves.)


Other then some bugs and the broken dodge, it seems pretty good. Combos feel good to pull off and such. My only complaint is attacks feel weightless unless they are knockback attacks. A small amount of knockback would be nice, since otherwise it's mostly just sitting next to each other spamming abilities. It doesn't feel like anything connects and other then your life going down you don't really notice when your hit either.


It's alright. I'd like to customize the chatbox like in other MMOs, and a friends list would be nice (I couldn't find one if it does exist.)


Durability on objects is a little too low for my taste, but I guess it's fine how it is. Durability on tools is horrendous though, especially since you need to get a discipline to use better tools. The game feels like it is pushing you to make a resource-grinding/crafting character (Stamina use while harvesting also factors into this.) , which I dislike greatly. Crafting however, seems useless for the most part. The drops from killing enemies almost always seems better then stuff you can craft, and it takes less time to kill enemies for gear then to grind resources to craft. Even people in chat told me to not bother crafting. 


It feels like uncommon and other tiers of resources are too rare, especially with how useless crafting is. I do like the variety of loot though. Shopping is fine, prices feel mostly fair, however a recommendation is that money can be spent directly from the bank. I don't like having to run from my bank and to the store to buy stuff, then go back and deposit the money back, or bothering to withdraw the exact amount I need. Oh yea skinning takes twelve million years and should be sped up.


I feel the UI and inventory are intuitive enough, it's not overwhelming. However I would like to be able to move around while managing my inventory, especially with how much walking is in the game. Another thing I feel the inventory needs is that it needs a "search" and "sort" function, especially with the variety of things you can pick up.


I feel like the difficulty of the game varies a lot. The game seems either too easy or very difficult in PvE.

Premium Features

I'm really happy with how this game handles premium features. They aren't in my face, and they don't seem to give too many advantages for premium players. Respecing should be free for all players though, to prevent abuse a cooldown for it can be introduced for free players, like once every 24 hours or so. The games variety of disciplines and abilities seem to encourage players to explore their options, but are stopped by the respecing paywall. Makes me regret not looking up a build guide, and I hate build guides.

Bug Summary:

  • Some enemies can spawn in the ground.
  • Even with low latency charge attack knockdown seems incredibly delayed on hit.
  • Enemies like wolves sometimes can attack you when your out of their range.
  • Ranged attacks from npcs can clip through the world to hit you.
  • Queueing into the event and playing in a world at the same time is buggy in all ways.
  • You can start mounting, open your inventory, and the mount timer/animation disappears but you will still mount anyway. Same thing with warping back to Gods Reach.

Overall I actually really like this MMO, it just feels like it falls short of what it could be.


Edited by YewTM
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Stealth chief/kings/heralds

There needs to be some other indicator of their presence aside from  5 or 6 cairns of unsuspecting players getting nearly one shot.  While i think its hilarious and normally understand that meaning of such a display of unlooted goodies, it can be very disheartening for newer players, or players not in zone when the initial event is announced.  If there is some sort of very large range debuff that does nothing except warn you of the risk, it would give players a chance to think twice before running through the center of a town :P

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Posted (edited)

Currently, NPCs have similar skills to player and let the player believe that they can do similar things as NPCs.

NPCs can see through stealth at what feels like all times while players have to use an ability to do so no matter their perception.

Either let players do so at all times with those skills providing a buff or remove that from the NPCs to prevent confusion.

People have been getting to 30 thinking that they too can see through stealth without a skill.

Edited by Grithok
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Would be nice if all races or classes get "Heads Up" minor discipline available to them. They will need to sacrifice minor discipline slot just to have any chance to detect stealthed characters. Give that an option to us please. If you think that its fine for someone to press a button and be safe to get out of combat without any possible way for the other character to be able to detect him I don't know what to say on that logic. It deletes your options on classes and players to take in the campaign to play on them.

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39 minutes ago, b0rch3 said:

 Give that an option to us please. If you think that its fine for someone to press a button and be safe to get out of combat without any possible way for the other character to be able to detect him


While not easy, it is possible to pull stealthers out of stealth with AoE's. But yeah most of the time people get away.

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