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Quick improvements for HD / Low hanging fruit

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Posted (edited)

I think we all know there are some large improvements to be made, some that are probably hefty-development tasks like fixing the elevation-pull bug. Understandable that such things are not quick nor easy to fix, but here are some ideas that I see as low hanging fruit with maximum improvement:

  1. Add a stacking-cooldown for respawning, just like in dregs/gr. First death could be increased to say 15seconds, next death is 30seconds, etc. This will make pushing keeps a possibility, and holding them during a losing-fight an actual risk.
  2. Speed up seasons 1 & 2 in particular (making you maybe choose between like fort+gryphon, or being at keeps at opening), and add the excess time into season 4 so active teams have more time to eliminate others before the circle collapses. This early game speedup also means the plenteous forts aren't available so long for free back-capping half the game.
  3. Hopefully alongside changes in point 2, in season 4 let the circle start moving in even sooner and have the extra time applied for a longer pause when it's at the 15-30meter point. Its there that fighting is forced and will generally resolve itself one way or another.
  4. Maybe not as super low-hanging, but creating a 30-man map size (4 forts, 2 keeps) would help a lot for making the daily queues more fun to play - thus giving us better practice as well.
  5. Reduce some of the unnecessary RNG to early game looting. A fort could have at least 1 guaranteed uncommon chest, a hunger zone at least 2 chests. RNG is still prevalent in many other ways, and of course drops could be better than the minimums.

While somewhat small, together these can have a large affect on resolving the main shortcomings of the gamemode as it currently stands. Have something to add? Please try to keep this thread focused on the "quick wins" as much as possible.

Additional items from comments:

6. Increase difficulty of backcapping a point. Neutral guards could spawn after X minutes (props Naewind), and/or increase capping timer based on the # of teammates present. The underlining goal here being that it's more possible to leave and come back to your point in time to contest a capture if need be, and that solo back-cappers have a longer task ahead of them rather than it being a free capture in just a few seconds.

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Adding items from comments
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Two easy changes I would like to see are neutral guards respawning on forts/keeps after cap, so a team doesn't get help from guards, but can leave their fort/keep and get into a fight without worrying about losing their respawn in the 10 seconds it takes to flip it. 

This would also slow players who escaped solo from a fight from capping a fort/keep to rez their team, other teams would have more time to see it contested and possibly kill them.


2nd change would be spawn gryphons halfway through season 2 or at the end of it, so all the teams are geared up and ready to fight for it, instead of it being rushed by a few teams while others take hunger camps.

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Posted (edited)

Increasing the difficulty for 1 person to backcap a point in 10seconds is definitely a good one, thats +1 from me. One additional or alternative easy win for the devs here would be to re-implement capping speeds to be based on how many people are on the point - making it slower if less than 3 perhaps. That logic already exists ingame, so low-hanging fruit for sure. Overall these changes would be really nice as it initiates more combat, as you can leave the keep and be out on the map but come back to fight a contesting scenario some times.

Gryphons spawning at start I think is still best though if they speed up seasons 1 & 2. Rushing gryphon is fine, as the risk is you own no fort and take it slowly. Id like more early-game divergent paths for teams to decide on, which speeding it up enables. As right now you can do hunger > fort > bank > gryphon > keep without missing anything and all within essentially 1 season (making the next 2 seasons mostly a snoozefest). But speed up the first two seasons, and you have to start skipping things and making decisions.

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having fort cap when you have more people in the circle could help too cause it hard to cap thing that already owned due to all they need is 1 person in the circle to stop a cap or neutralising the fort so if one person lives they can just constantly stream there players back up for eternity alot of the time.

A buff for killing player would help too to keep tournament interesting for viewers early on aswell atm people hide to much at start and not much action happens this could add an incentive to fight early on rather than hide til end circle.

Stop circle clothing at 30m mark for 5 minutes for final fanally would be great too allow the game to resolvebefore RNG circle closing happens which sucks tbh

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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