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10 Minute Beginner Guide By A Beginner (2021-07-08)

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Crowfall’s 10 Minute Beginner Guide (Updated: 2021-07-08)

Foreword (2021-05-10)

I am making this guide after ~1 week as a new Crowfall player and its contents stem from, and are heavily influenced by, the sorts of experiences I had in that time period. The objective of this guide is to provide a quick 10 minute read that will give you the information necessary to determine if you would like to try the game, and set you up so that you have an enjoyable experience while doing so.

The structure of this guide will loosely follow the order in which I encountered these decision points.

5 Point TL;DR

  • The most accessible gameplay loop for new players is PvE combat (i.e. Farming enemies on loop). It is recommended to find a class where farming is enjoyable.
  • If something doesn’t seem like fun, feel free to ignore it for now. There are a lot of more advanced gameplay aspects to this game. Don’t feel the need to engage with them all at once, or understand them from the get go. Little more than knowing how to kill enemies for gold is needed to start off in this game.
  • The Crowfall discords (community + official) are fairly active and filled with people willing to help out new players.
  • Join a Guild early on in your experience, in particular one that welcomes new players, is willing to teach them the ropes, and HELPS THEM FIND THE GAMEPLAY THEY ENJOY. Beware of guilds that just use you for your gameplay hours to achieve their own goals. We play games to have fun, if what you are being asked to do “for the guild” isn’t fun, don’t feel beholden to it.
  • Find yourself a good playlist to listen to, there is a lot of farming, PvP, and riding around to be done.

Picking A Class (2021-05-10)

  • Not as important as it seems, pick something that sounds cool and you think might be fun to farm NPCs on. This will end up mattering more at level 30, but given how straightforward it is to level from 1-18, chances are any time spent here trying to figure out the “optimal class” will simply be wasted due to lack of information.
  • Can’t go wrong with any class that has self-sustain and AoE, as farming is the most accessible gameplay loop to new players. For what it is worth I went with Cleric, intending to go Arbiter.
    • Personal Recommendations: Arbiter Cleric, Any Champion, Vindicator Templar
  • Archetype builds were released for the game's arena PvP mode (Hunger Dome). These might not be optimal builds, and some are tailored for the PvP mode, but they give you a baseline to working buildshttps://community.crowfall.com/forum/244-ecs21-hungerdome-archetypes/

Leveling Up (2021-06-01)

  • 1-30 is fairly straightforward, hard to go wrong just following the quest marker and progressing through the questline.
  • Worth noting that EXP does not overflow, so overflow EXP is wasted. If you are close to a level up and want to optimize EXP gains, go ahead and grind a few more enemies or sacrifice for EXP (this mechanic is explained in the new player questline).
  • The updated New Player Experience does a decent job exposing a new player to all the different enemies in the game, and explaining most game mechanics. The focus of leveling should be learning your class while leveling and finding enjoyable farming rotations.
  • I would set level 18-25 as the decision point for whether to stick with the current class or swap to one that you think might be more enjoyable. Don't think of it as having lost time, since if you end up sticking with the game chances are you will want alt characters anyway, and now you are a more experienced player than you were when you started.

Level 30 - Character Progression (2021-07-08)

  • Post level 30 progression in Crowfall primarily involves acquiring better equipment. In Crowfall, even the body your character uses is an upgradeable piece of equipment (called a vessel).
  • Your first few upgrades will likely come from the enemies that you have been farming. This is decent starter gear, and more than enough to engage in the initial gameplay loop of simply farming NPCs for gold and drops.
    • NOTE 2021-07-08: It seems some of the loot tables have been tweaked in the run up to launch. The gear dropped by any camp that includes mobs below level 30 (even 29-30 camps) has drastically diminished stats. It is recommended to farm camps that note an enemy level of 30-32. You can check enemy level of a camp by hovering over it with your mouse while on the map screen.
  • Once you have a decent set of “War Tribe”(WT) gear, the next step is to acquire decent crafted gear. Well crafted White Rarity items can be better than WT Blue or Epic Rarity items.
  • At this point, a guild becomes almost a requirement, as they are more easily able to guide you to decent farming spots, as well as give you better deals on crafted gear. While it is certainly possible to craft your own gear, the current design of the game makes an established communal crafting pipeline infinitely more efficient than anything a single player can achieve.
  • Begin engaging in world PvP. Chances are if you have a decent farming spot, it will be contested at some point. Additionally, if your guild chooses to engage in the guild vs. guild worlds, you will start being pulled into larger and larger combats (as well as a lot of riding around).

Crafting/Harvesting (2021-05-10)

Closing Thoughts

  • This guide abstains from going into many details or tips, focusing primarily on painting a broad mental map of the game experience that I found most likely for a new player. I find that by having a clearer mental map of the various aspects of the game, a new player is better able to look up the relevant information and go back to playing the game, rather than going down a paralyzing rabbit hole of information.

Tips & Edits

  • There are many resources available in terms of leveling walkthroughs/videos or build guides, but beware of outdated information as this game has changed drastically over time. Recently, archetype builds were released for the game's arena PvP mode. These might not be optimal builds, and some are tailored for the arena PvP mode, but they give you a baseline to working builds: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/244-ecs21-hungerdome-archetypes/ 
  • The GENERAL chat sends messages to everyone in the current world, from all factions. It is a good place to ask any questions you might have, as experienced players will often note your question and answer it to not only your benefit, but also that of any other player who might have encountered the issue (or encounters it at a future time). Simplest way to make sure you are on the GENERAL chat tab is to type "/general" and press enter, making your chat swap to that tab if it was displaying another. (Credit: @MacDeath)
  • The setting that exits your open windows on movement can be disabled: Settings -> UI -> Untick "EXIT CURSOR MODE ON PLAYER MOVEMENT". This makes it way easier to manage inventory or spells while running. Also helps so that you can pop out the cursor mode and read buffs/debuffs while autorunning.
  • A really in-depth guide explaining all the in-game stats as well as going into other topics: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EDpkBVnxFDfA1-yQ5BCpmCh4FPg0RXaU3X4JU1E7bpE/edit. Probably something to bookmark for now and just refer back when questions arise.
  • Credit to @Zenatos for this great summary slide on gameplay loop options 
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A well written guide for new players. Thanks for writing this.  I do think you should add something about opening the chat system and asking questions in GENERAL Chat.

Lots of vets will be happy to answer your questions IF the new players know where to ask.

Edited by MacDeath


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