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Gathering and Looting

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This topic may already be covered, but I would like to give a brief opinion on my experience. I have noticed that when I gather materials (cutting trees, mining rocks, ect...) the material that is dropped takes a couple of seconds to enter my inventory. For example, I cut a tree and a log drops, I have to walk over the log a couple of times before I can pick it up. Is this supposed to be like this or should it automatically enter your inventory? 

With the looting in the game, I have noticed that I can only loot one body at a time. I usually have no problem with this, but I do notice that when I kill a couple of mobs and they are stacked close together, I have to walk over the area multiple times to make sure I looted every corpse. Due to this, will there be a loot all vicinity button implemented?

I enjoy the game and hope to see this game succeed!

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