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6.530 Live Update Notes for 5/27/2021

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Beta Build 6.530.0  

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: LIVE Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: LIVE Feedback

New Player Experience (NPE)

We've expanded our NPE to ensure players are confident with the key game systems, while introducing the lore that connects players to the world.  We've also combined God's Reach and the Infected into one world to create a smoother transition between those worlds for new players and ensure you get off to a strong start in Crowfall.

Voice Chat

Connecting with guildmates and those “in your Murder” is easy using the new voice chat interface available in-game. Also, the voice chat is a great tool for new players to use to reach out and connect more easily to veteran players when in need of support and advice while playing. A great feature bringing Crows closer together for camaraderie and competition.  See below for more information. 

Hot Zones

Introduces an active alert system in a campaign to drive awareness among those active on the map to high-value emergent activities. These events offer exciting competitive play and high-value rewards - double loot or double rewards - guaranteeing that if you respond you’ll be glad you did! These events will be visible on the map and will erupt every few hours! When a hot zone parcel is active, the NPC present on that parcel will drop double the amount of loot. If the creature can be skinned, then the skinnable objects will provide double the loot as well.

Razer Chroma Integration

ArtCraft has partnered with Razer on the integration of Razer’s top-end Chroma series RGB support for Chroma-enabled gaming peripherals. These cutting-edge gaming products offer Crowfall players a more immersive way to capture the throne, with color sequences triggered by in-game powers, and includes native support for Razer’s most advanced gaming mice, the Naga Pro—with up to 16 buttons. 

Chicken Ticker Removed

With the next Crowfall release, we are going to see the removal of what is known as the “Chicken Ticker”. The value and unique benefits of food in augmenting player performance will be fulfilled in a manner that is more integrated into the moment-to-moment gameplay and through a variety of resources. 

Friends List  
Now it is easier than ever to stay connected to friends you meet in-game, just add them to your Friend’s List. Open the Social button , click on the player you are talking with or playing with and click to add them.

Known Issue

  • Moon Faction characters zoning from the Lunarium to Sky Point are receiving the enemy faction debuff which will kill them.


  • Adjusted the fort and outpost tick rates. These objectives will now tick once every second vs once every five seconds. The times have been adjusted for each type. Outposts remain mostly the same while forts have had their times reduced. Forts now cap out at six players instead of ten
  • Updated dregs text to alert the player that they will not receive rewards if they unlock their character from the campaign before it ends
  • Fixed an issue with some forts in Infected not having chests or war table
  • Fixed issue where hit sounds when using a siege weapon were distant sounding, even when you were close to them
  • Guild officers now have access to the guild admin chests in dregs keeps
  • Improved messaging for Embargo cost to show how many tokens are needed
  • The Castle Count is now displayed correctly in the Leaderboard
  • Unlocking a character from a campaign should show a warning message that you will lose out on rewards


  • Apples now restore stamina
  • Added new food buffs to Survivalist Grubs, and Pinecones
  • After a siege, fort and keep walls will respawn after 1 second. They still need to be repaired
  • Altered Metabolism stat name to Food Buff Duration
  • Artisan Cheese now grants Additional Risk Difficulty Reduction: All by 5
  • Bake Ice Cream -  Now requires Peppermint
  • Biscuits and Gravy - Now requires Hot Sauce
  • Binding to an outpost respawn statue will expressly state that you're binding to a respawn statue
  • Bloodworms now fall under the Dined category
  • Bone Broth - Added 1 Animal Blood as an ingredient requirement
  • Bone Broth now grants Harvest Bone and Blood by 5%
  • Bon Tippers -  Now requires Currant Berries
  • Cake - No longer reduces Stamina
  • Campfire Stew Recipe -  Increased Mushroom or Meat ingredient slot requirements to 2
  • Chocolate Bar - Now increases Critical Amount by 5%
  • Chocolate Milk - Now requires Peppermint
  • Consumable items will automatically set up a Power Bar shortcut (if those slots are empty) when consumables enter your inventory
  • Cookie - No longer reduces max Hitpoints
  • Deprecated Marsala Stew Recipe
  • Deprecated Sweet and Mild Peppers from Vendors and Loot Drops
  • Esoteric Runestone slots for weapon blade components now unlock when the player has an Esoteric Runestone in their inventory
  • Esoteric Runestone slots for weapon blade components now tell the player how to unlock them
  • Factory-created items will now use the original crafter's name for the crafter name
  • Factory costs now include the assumed Polish cost in Ethereal Dust. The Ethereal Dust amount can be reduced by the Partial Re-roll Cost Modifier stat
  • Factory recipes now include more information, including durability hit to the template
  • Fixed an issue where placed catapults and trebuchets could have grass showing through them
  • Gnocchi now increases Attack and Support Rating by 25
  • Grilled Sandwich - Auroch now increases Mining by 15
  • Grilled Sandwich - Bear now increases Logging by 15
  • Grilled Sandwich - Boar now increases Quarrying by 15
  • Grilled Sandwich - Cat now increases Mining by 15
  • Grilled Sandwich - Elk now increases Quarrying by 15
  • Grilled Sandwich - Mushroom now increases Logging by 15
  • Grilled Sandwich - Now requires Saytr Salt Cube
  • Grilled Sandwich - Spider now increases Grave Digging by 15
  • Grilled Sandwich - Wolf now increases Skinning by 15
  • Harvestable nodes should no longer display a prompt when the player is in combat
  • If the player doesn't have the right tool to harvest a node, the prompt window will now be greyed out and indicate which tool is required
  • Items can now be deposited into Fort Chests
  • Kebab Skewers -  Now Require 2 Meats or Mushrooms
  • Meat Burgundy - No longer requires Mushroom
  • Meat Burgundy - Now requires Currant Berrie
  • Metal Bar Recipe - Swapped stats between Steel and Electrum bars
  • Pot Roast - Now requires Saytr Salt Cube
  • Pesto Gnocchi - Now requires Olive Oil
  • Recipe Treated Leather now has the Quantity option in the Assembly phase
  • Red Wine now increases stamina by 20
  • Spiced Chocolate Milk no longer says Dined in its Buff.
  • Spiced Chocolate Milk properly uses the Wined buff group
  • Sumptuous Pot Pie - No longer requires Crushed Herbs
  • Sumptuous Pot Pie - Now requires 2 Meats or Mushrooms
  • Sumptuous Pot Pie - Now requires Urgu Spice Mix
  • Swapped the icon for Urgu spices and Hot sauce
  • Tinker's Stew now grants Trailblazer or Trailmaster

Eternal Kingdom 

  • Cooking and runemaking stations' sound will no longer persist when moved
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some parcel name placements in the EK map to be in the incorrect location
  • Fixed an issue that was causing parcels to randomly deselect in the EK editor
  • Fixed issues where grass was showing through placed deeds in EKs
  • Frost armor from a shatter will now be visible for the caster in an EK when PvP is on
  • Public EKs owned by players with VIP will now stay open for 3 hours after the owner has left
  • Valkyn Relic being placed on a parcel now properly updates the buffs given from crafting stations on that parcel
  • The vendor sales list will now show the correct value when consumed for taxes


  • Certain consumables will now be auto-equipped to your Alt+1/2/3 slots
  • Close cursor mode on move is now defaulted to off, you can change this in the settings
  • Copy+Pasting into the alliance search bar will no longer scramble the letters
  • Combat Trays Powers can now be activated while the UI is open. Activating a power will close cursor mode
  • Fixed UI behavior when switching rapidly between character selection and campaign selection
  • It will no longer display an error in the ME chat when using quick trade while your Trade UI is active
  • Items can no longer be added to the war table when the current items would cause a level
  • Items dropped in gaps of Trade Window should no longer prompt to Destroy
  • Portrait heal effects will no longer display when healing others
  • The reticle will now show if the target is in line of sight.


  • Fixed an issue where the Group chat tab will disappear when you load back in-game after disconnecting
  • Hitting Esc should now always terminate chat input, even in the Lobby


  • Cleric, Confessor, Druid, Frostweaver, and Myrmidon: The first attack in all basic attack combos no longer cost any resources


  • Fervor’s number of ticks has been reduced from 5 to 4 to help prevent a tick from being dropped. The mana amounts have been adjusted to account for this


  • Bark Skin now contains the Thorns VFX when it is applied to the target
  • Druid essence meter visual update


  • Fixed an issue with Myrmidon Neck Slash power description


  • Compound Bow basic attacks can now be initiated while mounted
  • Intermediate Bows now have the 3 part basic combo
  • Skullcracker Stake is now properly affected by fortified stakes. The area size will properly update and the buff given will now display the fortified version


Arcane Archer Discipline

  • Arcane Arrow projectile is now better in sync with the hit FX/flytext

Fortifier Discipline

  • Sanctuary now plays a buff SFX when the buff is first applied to you
  • Sanctuary no longer displays the countdown timer in the hanging effect

Master of Focus Discipline

  • Chaos Orb description has been updated and the number of times it deals damage has been reduced to 1 per trigger. The damage has been adjusted to account for that.
  • Resource Shield FX will no longer remove when you use your dodge power
  • Resource Shield will now properly place you into combat when used
  • Updated the description for Chaos Orb to state it cannot be converted to Holy Damage

Minstrel Discipline

  • Hymn of Restoration FX will now properly display on all group members

Spirit Whip

  • Spirit Whip on an Assassin will now properly apply poisons to the spirit whip targets


  • Added "Right Click to Consume" to all consumables
  • A warning message will now appear when your faction changes and previously friendly guards are enemies
  • Added a fix to stop emote animations while interacting and stopped the interact animation from continuing to play in the event that the player aborts the interaction
  • Arborium, Lunarium, and Solarium now have a second runegate that connects directly to Sky Point. This is for fast travel to Sky Point from the Earth Temple
  • Fixed a bug where certain animations would continue to play after closing the map
  • Fixed a bug where certain UI elements could be obscured by objects in the world
  • Fixed a bug where certain visual effects for interactions would loop indefinitely
  • Fixed Crowpedia missing cells when switching from Race to Class to Promotion/Domain
  • Hunger Crystal Nodes will consume Food/Drink buffs if you get near them.
  • Music now changes to a more appropriate track when the Hunger Dome Team Roster screen appears, instead of continuing the lobby music
  • Race and class tooltips are now wider
  • Pressing the enter keyboard key will leave the enter screen
  • Some FX that were not showing to alliance members will now show properly.
  • The Chat panel scrollbar should now be clickable and draggable
  • The chat panel should now stay activated after hitting Enter in the Lobby, but not elsewhere
  • When a player reaches the maximum level for their current vessel, the experience bar will indicate what quality vessel is needed to continue advancing


  • Added sounds to HungerDome murder member options in the lobby
  • Fixing issue where capture point progress sounds would persist if a siege window closes while you are capturing a point

Friends List 

  • To access the Friends list
  • Open the Social Management UI
  • Add a Friend
  • Enter the username of the player you want to invite
  • Click Send Invite button
  • Ask the player to accept the invitation


Voice chat in Crowfall is available for groups of players that invite others into their Murder.  Once a game is joined, the Murder converts into a Group and voice chat moves all the players into the Group voice channel.  To voice chat, simply hold down the “C” key as your press to talk key.

Voice chat options

  • Crowfall’s settings menu has an Audio tab.  The voice chat output volume is for listening to players in your channel.  The voice chat input volume is how loud your microphone is.  If other players complain that your microphone volume is too low or high, you can adjust the slider in your options.
  • Auto-join will move you into the voice chat that you wish to be in.  Typically, you will want to talk to your teammates in the appropriate channel.
  • If you have problems with your microphone not picking up your voice, then you may have selected the wrong input device.  You can browse your devices in the Audio Device (Input) drop-down list.  The same goes for output if you cannot hear anyone talking.  Try testing out your devices with your friends to make sure your devices are all working.

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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Missed Patch Note:

We now have the ability to adjust loot rules on a world by world (not just campaign by campaign) basis!  To test this, we have set a drop rate of 50% of gold in one of the three faction PVP zones, and 100% of gold in Sky Point.  Be careful when hunting in this area!

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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Known Issue

  • There is a known issue that Moon Faction characters in Gods Reach that use the Runegate from the Lunarium zone to Sky Point are receiving the enemy faction debuff and will be killed if they remain in the vicinity of the Runegate for more than 30 seconds.  We are working on a fix for this issue now.

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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