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Just a thought:


Perhaps a forum just for discussing game mechanics directly related to Crowfall. By this I mean threads related to inventory systems, combat systems, crafting systems, siege systems, material movement, etc. With some tight moderation, perhaps with the ability to reply to set topics, but not create them.


Just to increase the signal to noise ratio a bit from the general forum...


Right now I think the most important thing is understanding how Crofall is intended to work here in the concept phase, and be able to comment on those intentions - versus a thousand people assuming furiously in an information black hole.


Again, just a thought.

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It really needs to happen soon-ish, or there will be so many presumptions that people have set sail towards that the 'official' concepts will only upset them.

With release still two years away this will inevitable happen.  They will also have to reach a critical level where we have enough info to last us that long, not so much that we won't find anything surprising, and just enough to let us continue imagining what this game will be like in our hands. 

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