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Is it possible to be ranged Assassin?


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2 minutes ago, Quack_Raven said:

Is it possible to be ranged Assassin? Or is that basically a ranger ?

If you want to be ranged, you should pick Ranger or Confessor.

Confessor is kind of like a ranged caster Assassin with its burst + stealth ult. Ranger can be more of a stereotypical pew pew class, and you can have stealth with Brigand.

Assassin can use a bow (and I personally like running one), but it's mostly for utility, not damage. You use it to pin down enemies at range, apply effects/CC, or give you a bit of reach to kite or finish a fleeing opponent. You are not a "ranged Assassin", but a melee Assassin with a few passable ranged options. I like it, but just be aware of what you're going to get before you spend the disciplines on it.

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