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Spirit Whip does not whip the effects of the third LMB to additional targets Critical dodge activates whenever you critically hit. It should only activate if you crit while not having max dodge

I can no longer see tooltips on mouseover when i am autorunning.  This includes not just in cursor mode, but also when looking at the map.

Anything that is terrain dependent has issues with the terrain.

As of this latest patch, sometimes when I ALT + TAB out of the client's window, when I tab back in, I can only move a short distance before the client tabs me back out of the window and stops me moving. If I change direction whilst moving in that period, it will immediately tab me back out.

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Tonight I copy pasted a few large message into chat. Larger initially than my edit and count: word count 51, characters with spaces 313, without spaces 264. The message showed in chat for other users, but not for me. I sent it again shortly after with the adjustments thinking it may have been too large to send properly. Apparently they all went through and I confirmed with members of my guild and general chat.

As far as I'm aware, I've typed, in game, messages of similar length without any issue seeing them in chat when sent.

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