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6.530.0 Live Feedback for 6/3/2021

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19 minutes ago, River said:

One chat channel per chat tab is pretty rough. We need to be able to show whatever channels we want in a single tab. I can't even SEE the group and guild tabs to know if there are new messages there.

^^ This.

Please let us choose which Channels show up in each Tab. If I want to see multiple Channels in one Tab, let me.


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Some other things I'd like to see: UI scaling - the UI elements are so big on my screen. They take up way too much space. The ability to move UI elements around Player nameplate (i.e

Auto sort button for inventory and stash please. So far its been a pleasant experience, theres some stuttering and stalling when certain spells are cast but id assume that will get ironed out. combat

Additionally, the Daemon boss spawns are a really good idea that could generate gathering/combat events for a guild to harvest and protect.   However, this one is only rank 7 nodes? Please

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