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Low level (Gods reach crafting) - why no differences..

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Let me start by saying I love the crafting system on the surface.  Interdependence, complicated experimentation, connection to character stats - all of this is great!  Boy do we need a better in game explanation though and not sure if in the first temple areas the tables should give all the options.  After looking at the baking table I thought I was supposed to be able to gather Milk somewhere in areas I could go to...

 Also there should be more differentiation in the very early crafting items after making such a big fuss over the importance of quality of ingredients.  Axe vs sturdy axe is great was a mark in games favor when I figured that out - but Oak seems to be tier three and no difference than using the much more common spruce.  As well in the early armor the quality of wood/stone/hide you use seems to make no difference the same with weapons (also I love the idea I am making a gun out of ash and granite hilarious).  Sacrifice amount seems to be different so I guess you could craft completely for levels (but why early story is interesting) but I want more difference ... should be at least three different variations really more given you can have different qualities in each spot.  Maybe one gives extra slashing damage, I don't know.

Also I hope on release there will be different looks based on what you are wearing?  All armor looks the same now - I also want the ability to dye clothes.


Thanks for listening to my musings!

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On 6/7/2021 at 6:30 PM, Zaldar said:

wood/stone/hide you use seems to make no difference the same with weapons

For advanced crafted items the resources you use do matter, here's a good resource:


You can add an item in the crafting process to change the look of weapons:

More cosmetic options like dyes are on the roadmap for future development!


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