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CROWFALL RELEASE DATE - Post Launch Player Behavior

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7 hours ago, ZYBAK said:

Exciting times!

I simply love all mmo launches, confusion, crashes, bugs, exploits, hack, even rollbacks cant dampen my fun during that special launch time. Its gonna be like Christmas in July! 

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Launches can be so exciting!  I remember the first moments in UO in 1997.  I had a bard who had tamed several birds so they could flutter around as she walked.  Went to the edge of Britain right up to where the boundary of AI guard protection ended. 

Two other players were standing on the other side.  We had a pleasant conversation about UO and how exciting it was to be able to play a real MMO for the first time.  However I said I still wasn't sure what the purpose of the game was.  They said "come over the boundary to us and we will show you."  Even then, I knew not to follow their advice. :)

I never PVPed much in that game.  My greatest fun was dressing up like Xena the Warrior Princess and riding full speed through all the PKs at the Crossroads going "ki-ki-kyaaai!" Then hiding in the woods in heart-pounding excitement as they searched for me.

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